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What are all these port forward entries.....?

Hey all, recently got myself a fttp connection and with it a smart hub 2. Connection is all set up and running nicely.

I setup port forward for my sons minecraft server when we got the connection setup and when I went to take a look today im greeted by a huge list of port forwards...


Can anyone tell me what they are and why they are there and how on earth they got there without any  kind of warning. A hunch says its UPnP but ive never had this issue with UPnP on any other router from BT, this is the first time its happening....




Many thanks

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Re: What are all these port forward entries.....?


I would expect to see those, as they have been automatically created by the BT Home hub using UPnP, when you setup the Minecraft server, which has now opened up a large number of incoming connections to your home network.

These connections are needed if you are running a server, but the do expose your IP address to the Internet.

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Re: What are all these port forward entries.....?


Hi Keith, cheers for getting back to me 🙂 .

The Minecraft server only uses the 1 port, that is a pretty sett hing. All the other entries on the list (bar 1) are actually for devices not even making use of the server. For example, my phone ? Thats a lot of forwards...

I wonder what kind of effect it would have disabling UPnP, being the paranoid sort (and I wished I would have kept up with my networking advancements over the years).

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Re: What are all these port forward entries.....?

Just disable UPnP, and see if anything stops working.

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