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What are the default wifi channels for the smart hub 2 and the whole home wifi disks


Would someone be able to confirm what the default channels are for the smart hub and the whole home wifi disks please.

I think for 2.4 GHz it's channel 1 and for 5GHz it's channel 36.  I've left them on 'smart' on the router and manual on the whole home wifi disks.  If I understand correctly, irrespective of the default channels 'out of the box', having them on 'smart' will mean they'll possibly change anyway?

Also, does it matter if you have the wifi left switched on on the router as well as the whole home wifi? and does it matter if both are using the same channels?

Sorry for lots of questions.  Thank you.

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Re: What are the default wifi channels for the smart hub 2 and the whole home wifi disks

Well, I managed to sort my underlying problem out which was my whole home wifi disks randomly disconnecting.

Our HP wireless printer was being a pain to print to, in that the wife on her iPhone couldn’t. Anyway, I ended up hitting the factory reset button on the router.  Hey presto! The printer was working properly.  This also had the added effect of resetting the wifi channels.  I was sure it was channels 1 and 36. However, the router set them at 6 and 36 as smart channels.  This is fine, router and connections all working ok.

Thought I’d give it another go at resetting the whole home disks. Set them up in the usual fashion, all connected ok and then checked the channels they were broadcasting on. This was 11 and 44 as smart channels.  I’m fine with this.  Interestingly enough, I have a docking station and 2 NAS drives connected by ethernet to the study disk via a dumb network switch.  These all registered their names and network ips without intervention.

the main disk re-ordered their connect order but it has done this before.   No bother.  All seems to be working ok.  I have no idea what the router had the hump with but, it was worth doing a factory reset although nothing seemed to suggest that I use had problems.

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