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What bit of "Please don't phone me" doesn't BT get?

What bit of "Please don't phone me" doesn't BT get?


 I have experienced a cataloge of corrosponce with BT dealing with the bad broadband speed issues that I have had on my connection since last november. Too long to list here see the link below
Terrible broadband speed

 Its fair to say that individual BT operators and advisors have been courtious and have tried to be helpfull most of the time but...BT have failed to find a long term fix for my issues.

The last month up until yesterday I was lucky enough to experience a wopping and reasonable steady 1.5! Seriously it was fantasic! Compared to a miserable 0.3mbps or worse. I felt I was getting what I was paying for! Then the bill came in (and was wrong yet again!)! and coincidently? the speed returned to its former low!


 Without baffling the humble user with scientific terminology, it turns out the problem is caused by line noise - not of my own making! Well, I noticed that incoming calls on the landline telephone were knocking my broadband out, after a while I made the desision to dissconnect the phone because of the issues with calls knocking my speed down. I imformed as many of my familly and friends not to call me on my phone and use my cell instead. However I can't stop random incoming calls, which sends the blue lights on my hub to flickering orange. This in turn equates to the stupid adsl2 software that BT use, knocking down my profile and hence speed!


 When are BT going to get to grips with their stiffling system that takes up to ten days to recallibrate itself?

 Their old system used to work fine at this rural address, quickly reasserting itself if there was a line knockout or interference - which is common in rural locations. Now it seems in order for BT to advertise super fast speeds to most that can benefit from it who live within a couple miles of the exchange. The rest of us that don't, have to suffer for the sake of this new adsl2 system. Its a shambles and at times heartbreaking and BT still expect us to pay the same as anyone else!


 Dont be fooled. If you live in a rural location or more than two miles from the exchange, the chances are that if you are experiencing loss of BB speeds recently, whence before you had a reasonable service. Its down to the new BT adsl2 system they have brought in. Its not your fault, don't let the customer support advisors tell you otherwise! At least thats my experience!

 The new system is more sensitive to noise, true it may be marginally faster, but as it turns out at what cost?
 I have had a dozen engineers who have come round and each remarkably have "found and fixed the problem" then I get a reasonable speed for a few days before it drops again as of yet I have not had a pernament fix!

 The loss of speed issues have led to a series of 'knock on effects' including my wireless BB BT mobile going beserk leading to a £260.00 bill for one month!

#Being charged £40.00 for Broadband phone calls I did not make - I had to call in the police for the theft of phone calls made before BT would take me seriously - they said there was no record and that it was impossible to hack BT broadband phones! In the end they found a 'mistake' but it was a **bleep** of a fight to get them to admit that!

Even after that, they cut me off (for non payment of these calls) and are now trying to charge me a reconnection fee!

Also I am paying for an 'unlimited' broadband package and broadband anywhere - which is a complete joke because I am lucky if I can get broadband anywhere at all!I know I really need to sort this out - but there is no one dpartment it seems that can deal with it all

After my BT Broadband Anywhere phone freaked out (Down to issues related to my BT hub losing connections - I ended up asking BT Mobile to dissconect my gprs for fear of it happening again - even though I was paying for the 'unlimited 'gprs service) and the 'stolen' BB phone issues, I dissconected my wireless completely!

So NO BB on my BT mobile, on average I am lucky if I get a week a month on maybe 1mbps, the other three weeks on 0.3mpps on my home broadband.

 The trouble is that I am so sick and tired of being pushed from department to department and repeating myself on a weekly or even daily basis. I can never get one individual who can deal with all my problems in one go, #I am absolutely fatigued with it all.

Going somewhere else is not an option I am imformed where I live.

I have written letters to the customer service department and they have phoned me back and said things often at times when I am off-guard , so its hard to remember the details.

Now my policy is to have everything put in writing.


Despite using BT's 'contact us' form to report the latest speed issues and ticking the box that says
"respond by email" and stating "Please don't phone me" as well on my message body....I get a series of phone calls! Both on my mobile number and on my landline!

No comprehensible message returned as requested by email but phone calls from polite and friendly Indian help advisors...and guess what?   The calls the BT staff have made on my landline, has knocked my profile down even further!


Even though I headed my message with "Please do not phone me on my landline phone number"


How ignorant is that?


I have even asked for my landline calls to be diverted, but that costs £5.00 pm - I don't see why I should have to pay for this.


What I would like is for one BT person who can sort out All of these problems for me

(That'l be technical department, security department, billing department, sales department, customer service department and more and then back again - I hav'nt got the stomach or time for being pushed from pillar to post!)

- but from BT that is probablly asking too much!


I fell I have had so many problems with the BT Broadband service, with the time I have spent trying to get things sorted, BT should be paying me! And  they should take a good hard look at how their system works!


 Bt have a **bleep** cheek to charge me £150.00 per quarter for all this!
My father pays £96.00 for this same service, gets 8.00mbpsm, can use his landline and hubphone, can use his wireless, plus BT vision as well - How fair is this?


I think its time for Ofcom



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Re: What bit of "Please don't phone me" doesn't BT get?

It would be Otello and not Ofcom but in my experience they are very much in the pocket of BT (not least since they are funded by the telcom companies).


I suggest you try contacting the mods here and see if they can help

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