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What can be done with my connection?

Morning helpers,


My BB line isn't very good. We live at the end of long line and the connection has never been stable long enough to to get the stats off the box with any meaning.


I know my line is actually connected to a cab that has a new fibre enable cab next to it which would halve the distance to the exchange but there doesn't seem to be an option available to force the move. A local neighbour, down the lane, has already been moved onto the Infinity cab and is getting a solid 9mb through PLUSNET but when my next door neighbour called (same little development of houses) he was told his line was not connected to that cab but directly to the exchange, (I KNOW this to be incorrect, a BT eng has been out to fault our line in the past and confirmed we were on the cab.


The BT Speedtest usually fails due to latency, I can usually get others to run, last night I managed 244k down and 288k up. Up is usually better all the time.

Phone line is quiet to the extent that voice calls are clear but quiet.

The connection time is low due to it usually not being up, I have a HH3 and my faceplate is one of the Openreach ones that doesn't need an extra filter. BT eng has confirmed that home wiring is ok.


Any thoughts of how I should proceed.


ADSL Line Status

Connection Information

Line state:


Connection time:

0 days,00:33:02


288 Kbps


448 Kbps



ADSL Settings






G.992.1 Annex A

Latency type:


Noise margin (Down/Up):

7.1 dB / 10.0 dB

Line attenuation (Down/Up):

76.2 dB / 31.5 dB

Output power (Down/Up):

13.2 dBm / 12.5 dBm

FEC Events (Down/Up):

520 / 0

CRC Events (Down/Up):

5 / 0

Loss of Framing (Local/Remote):

0 / 0

Loss of Signal (Local/Remote):

0 / 0

Loss of Power (Local/Remote):

0 / 0

HEC Events (Down/Up):

3 / 0

Error Seconds (Local/Remote):

5 / 0



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Re: What can be done with my connection?

Your on a long line, I know you can appreciate that.  Im not going to tell you basically "Your lines to long, so you'll have to put up with it".  But if your willing to work with me then I can give you some steps to improve the speed?  I mean I'm on a 9km line and get over 2mb. I can't promise you'll get that speed, but can you tell me what socket you have as per the picture below?


Different Sockets


If you check on this checker, can you post back the results?

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Re: What can be done with my connection?

Thanks for the quick response.

Faceplate is the left one, single port with test socket behind. Been through all the things with India and in test socket makes no difference


ADSL Checkers steas the following

Your exchange is ADSL enabled, and our initial test on your line indicates that it is VERY UNLIKELYyou will be able to receive fixed 512Kbps or 256Kbps broadband service due to the very long length of your telephone line. However, your order will be accepted if you still wish to order. An engineer may need to visit who will, where possible, supply the broadband service.

Our test also indicates that your line currently supports an estimated ADSL Max broadband line speed of 250Kbps; typically the line speed would range between 250Kbps and 1Mbps.

Our test also indicates that your line currently supports an estimated ADSL2+ broadband line speed of 1Mbps; typically the line speed would range between 1Mbps and 3.5Mbps.

The actual stable line speed supportable will be determined during the first 10 days of use. This speed may change over time, to ensure line stability is maintained.




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Re: What can be done with my connection?

Well there seems to be some available upgrade options to you.  For one your exchange is ADSL2+ enabled, but I would advise going onto this on your line as it would probably make the line even more unstable. I would contact the mods, you can do that by following this link: and go through the available options with you in terms of your upgrade, they can even check with Openreach if you can get Infinity, but I would imagine not so as you seem to be very far from the cabinet.  Problem with Infinity is the speed degrades 4x quicker per every km than ADSL does.


As for the steps, that are always advised to people on long lines, its really a case of doing everything your side to ensure you can get the best speed before an engineer.


1) Get a filtered faceplate (preferably ADSL Nation), this terminates extension wiring from interferring with your broadband, has better quality filters, data loss is minimal compared to a microfilter.


2) Would be to get a shielded RJ11 cable, which has an outer metal coil for hardyness and sturdyness, and twisted pairs inside to reflect back interference.  Also the conductors at either end are 24k gold plated to ensure maximum trasmission of speed.


3) The most prominent, get a business hub, these alone can account for an increase in up to 800kbps of extra speed, which would leave you with a decent connection compared to what you have now. The business hub's have a special chipset in which seems to be good at handline high speeds through a lot of noise on the line, and also giving stabibility, they have a good backup for Inpulse Noise Protection.  You can get them off E-bay for around £10.


Photo on 30-07-2011 at 16.19.jpg


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Re: What can be done with my connection?

Hi looking at the results of the adsl checker Infinity (fibre ) is not available to you as they would be unable to provide the minimum speed required for fibre service
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Re: What can be done with my connection?

Thanks John.


What gets me is that a near neighbour, down the lane a bit, who's line must be almost equal length back to the cab and uses the same pit and overhead cabling for about 95% of the lane, now has a 9mb link through Plusnet whereas my next door neighbours are told nothing is available as we are not on that cab. (this info came from Plusnet)

Some records somewhere must be wrong as I know my line comes from the same cab as his did before he moved to the Fibre enable cab.

Just frustrated really as the only ressson I ordered the BB servcie at the time was that the line checker stated Infinity was due!


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Re: What can be done with my connection?

hi unfortunately Infinity has pre set levels of service and if a line cannot met those then unfortunately they cannot provide it If you post the full stats from your router

For homehub – type into your browser

Navigate to ADSL Settings or use the A-Z at the top right of the home page and scroll down to ADSL Settings and click on it

Click on More Details and then post the full results.
we may be able to advise further
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Re: What can be done with my connection?

If you are live to the cabinet its because Bt want to protect the integrity of their product (FTTC) and its name is  Infinity. Very likely to maintain their average speed of 15mbps +. However there are resellers of of this product who dont have this restriction just like BT copper based products, but very likely more expensive and more restrictions.

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Re: What can be done with my connection?

BT do have an infinity product called option 3 fibre with broadband but again that must be able to provide a minimum 5mb connection whereas the normal infinity product must have a minimum 15mb connection again it looks as if the alternative is not available to your line due to its distance from the street cabinet unfortunately until a cabinet goes live there is no accurate data on the line up til then the checker will only show estimates

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Re: What can be done with my connection?

Just found this on the internet, don't know but it may help?


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