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What can mess up an order?

At the start of January, I decided to transfer phone and broadband over to BT to get Infinity. So I phoned my current supplier (who incidently have never put a foot wrong), got the MAC key and put in an order with BT (which only took 6 attempts online).


The next day, my wife took a phone call from BT. Apparently, there's a problem with the order and they need a new MAC key. Which is all fine, so I rang my supplier back and 3 days after providing the original MAC, they give me a new one. I called BT back to give them the new code.


Unfortunately, due to reasons that cannot be put into words (but can be expressed by repeating my name in ever terser tones), my Infinty order cannot be processed until the day after transferring the phone line and the second MAC key was no good to them as it expired on the day after transferring the phone line........?


So, I've left it a couple of weeks until I phone again to request yet another MAC, to be be told that BT Wholesale will not issue another to me until the second one I have expires (which it turns out is actually 2 days after my phone moves over and should be fine)


I've had to go back to my current provider and ask that they continue to provide broadband for an extra month to ensure continuation of service. Of course though, the engineers appointment has been cancelled and given that I can't get a new MAC until 5th Feb, so my order won't be processed until then, I will probably have to go back and ask fur a further months service.


So, why can't BT process orders for a BT line? Surely leasing the line out to another company can cause that much trouble? Sadly, I beginning to remember why I left BT in the first place....... 

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Re: What can mess up an order?



Here's an interesting development. According to my online order tracking, my broadband is being switched over on the 2nd February as originally scheduled. However, the engineer visit has been cancelled, because the engineer is a magic pixie who can install a new fibre optic line "from the exchange. A visit to your premises is not required".

Or do I have to go down the exchange any time I want to use the internet?

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Re: What can mess up an order?

If you are transfering both Phone and broadband Back to BT, there used to be lots of cases where the dual activation failed. It ended up being phone install first then another appointment for BB.


I am sure that there was a document out from Openreach which ended the dual Install, so meant you had to have phone line connected first, then BB/infinity installed later. Might be wrong about this, but thought pippinCP pointed out the document.


So it looks like the phone install will go ahead and then another appointment will be made for Infinity.



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Re: What can mess up an order?

I am going through exactly the same thing at the moment. I ordered a phone line and Infinity then a day after ordering, the order page showed that the engineer appointment had been cancelled because he could connect me at the exchange.

Anyway, to cut a very long story short... I filled out the Contact Us form and got a phone call from one of the forums mods (Craig) and he advised me to proceed with the phone order and get that activated first and then arrange for the activation/provision of Infinity.


Anyway, I have just checked my order page. My Infinity hub has been dispatched (but obviously the engineer won't be coming to install it yet) and my phone line is due to be activated on Feb 1st.

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