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What do I do to end contract?

My contract ends on the 2nd of July, and at that point I'll have paid for the mobile so need to get on another contract --   probably with another provider.

So do I need to contact BT?  If so, do I need to contact them now or should I contact them just before the contract ends? If I need to contact them am I forced to ring up rather than being able to terminate the contract on the net?

Alternatively, will they be contacting me before it ends?  (in which case, presumably they'll tell me what to do).

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Re: What do I do to end contract?

Contacted them via facebook and twitter.  They say that I have to give 30 days notification.  However, I had previously diligently previously searched for any such terms and conditions and was unable to find anything.  What I did find a few days ago though was a Uswitch website that states:

<BLOCKQUOTE>Networks and providers are now legally obligated to get in touch with you 10 to 40 days before the end of your contract to let you know you'll soon be free to shop around for a new mobile plan.</BLOCKQUOTE>

From here 

No contact as of yet and it's only 25 days before the end of my contract.  So, there's an inconsistency here.


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Re: What do I do to end contract?

Hmm, html code doesn't work. Oh well.
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Re: What do I do to end contract?

I just rang them up. Gave me a pac code. Thought I had that already, but was a puc code. Confusing.
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Re: What do I do to end contract?

What inconsistency? Theres still 15 days for them to contact you as per the info you posted. In any case the pac code will transfer your number to a new network when you give it & stop the services with BT, this will then trigger the final bill etc as well.

Also on the 30 days, from -

You can cancel the service at any time, by giving us 30 days' notice, if we've changed the net plan price, the service, the charges or these terms and conditions as shown in clause 22c.

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Re: What do I do to end contract?

The inconsistency is the fact that it is demanded that I cannot terminate my mobile contract until 30 days after I request it.  So, if they alert me to the fact a mere 10 days before the earliest date I can terminate my contract i.e 2nd July, this means I am unable to terminate on this date, and indeed have to pay for an extra 20 days despite already having paid for the mobile. 

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Re: What do I do to end contract?

Wow!  Just looked at your link.  Little wonder I could find no info on this!  They just try and hide away the terms and conditions.  It's an utter disgrace! 

And what about their legal obligation to inform me when my contract's ending??  I have received no such communication. 

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Re: What do I do to end contract?

I found the info in minutes & also would've been mentioned on your order confirmation too so definitely not hidden at all.

Again they still have time to advise you, sometimes these things can go into junk/spam folders as well. The 30 days cam easily be got around with the pac/stac process or getting a new deal so it is nothing to be too concerned about unless you were just wanting to stop the service & not take out a mobile contract elsewhere

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Re: What do I do to end contract?

Found it in minutes??  

I don't know anything about mobile contracts.  I only bought a mobile as all these companies insist on sending text messages to access banking services etc.  I know nothing about getting around this 30 day disgraceful imposition.  And why should they impose this 30 day requirement then hide it away to boot?  No, don't answer.  

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