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What happens at end of infinity 2 contract

My infinity 2 contract is coming to an end, could somebody clarify what happens please?


Do you just come put of contract and go onto a rolling one or does it automatically renew onto another 12 or 18 month one?


Also, is there room for negotiation on price, currently paying £26 per month for infinity and line rental upfront.


Thank you.

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Re: What happens at end of infinity 2 contract

Not on Infinity myself, but it's all the same - it goes on to a rolling contract, though some do find that they get put on a new min term contract (bit naughty of BT).


Yes, there's always room for negotiating;)  - always do this over the phone - threaten (politely) that you're keen to move elsewhere as it's cheaper and BT should do their best to keep you.


As a rough guide, I could of taken Infinity for £17.25 pm;)

(not inc line rental)



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Re: What happens at end of infinity 2 contract

Thanks for that.


Bit sceptical about them just starting a new contract, presumably without warning?


Will have to negotiate as Virgin offer cheaper phone, broadband and tv than my current bt and sky setup.

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Re: What happens at end of infinity 2 contract

Auto-renewal of minimum term contracts has been outlawed by Ofcom. If you do nothing you will continue on a monthly contract basis, but the prices may increase (over and above the recent general price inceases) if your expiring contract was a cut-price deal. As DS says, you should be able to negotiate another minimum term deal especially as you can quote better figures elsewhere. 

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