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What happens if you renew Line Rental Saver before the end date

I have line rental saver (LRS) which expires on 5 December and recently received the standard email reminder from BT that I needed to renew it. However, the reminder said that my existing LRS expires on 18 November. In fact, I renewed it last year on 17 November and BT took a couple of days to process the renewal; so they evidently changed the date of expiry of my LRS to the date on which I renewed it. And this despite the fact that the BT guy who handled the renewal for me confirmed that it would run from 6 December 2012 to 5 December 2013. In other words, if I renew LRS now I'll have to pay again for the period 19 November to 5 December.


It seemed to me that it couldn't be BT's policy to make people pay twice for the same period in this way. However, I've now been assured by two different BT people that it is. One said "If you renew it today, it will last for 12 months from today", saying that the end date of the existing LRS is irrelevant. I complained about this policy through the BT website and, after a couple of exchanges, have today been told that my account is being credited for the difference between 18 November and 5 December because I'd been given "incorrect information" by the guy who'd assured me that the renewed LRS would begin the day after the previous LRS ended. (I hadn't said anything about wanting a refund - I was simply trying to establish what the policy was on renewal dates.)


So there you are - if you renew early, you will pay again for a period you've already paid for. That, according to both the BT Billing Department and the "BT Digital Care" team is the way the system is supposed to work.





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Re: What happens if you renew Line Rental Saver before the end date

I  renewed early in May and the period was correctly applied.

What happened though was the upfront payment was partially applied to my normal monthly bill which was outstanding - this was automatically corrected on the next bill - so one d/d didn't go out resulting in two months payment the following month. BT didn't find this unusual.

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Re: What happens if you renew Line Rental Saver before the end date

It's very confusing. I renewed line rental early as mine expired before my next bill date and I'd been billed extra in advance for the few days not covered. I assumed that my next bill would run the line rental from the expiry date and the extra payment would be refunded. Either that's too simple an assumption or BT find it too difficult to program logically. My payment was applied almost immediately, so my line rental now expires earlier than expected i.e. I have paid twice for several days. Also the extra I paid has not been refunded. However, my new bill is only about half normal i.e. the double rental payment has been applied to the current month. BUT I cannot for the life of me make the numbers balance with what I've been charged, so I have no idea whether I'm up, down or even. Awaiting next bill with interest to see if more 'illogic' has been applied.

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