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What is a 'Connection offer fee'?

On my latest bill under one off charges there is a 'connection offer fee' of £20.40, and it states:


The minimum calls have not been made. To avoid future charges, make 30

chargeable or inclusive calls per quarter or more with BT


What on earth is this?  I have been with BT for over a year and my connection fee was waived because I signed up for BT Vision, phone and broadband. Am I gonna be charged this every month?  I rarely use my home phone for calls so I am not going to make 30 chargeable calls in a quarter.


Anyone shed any light on this?

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Re: What is a 'Connection offer fee'?

Many of the deals/bundles/packages from BT now come with a minimum monthly call commitment.


I only have phone with BT but took the Line Rental Saver annual payment for line rental. It comes with the requirement to make a minimum of two calls a month or there will be a charge. See here:,2071,2087


Your 'deal' with BT for the waiving of the connection fee and the combination of products you have must have come with a minimum commitment of calls. These calls do not have to be chargeable. They can be from your inclusive calls and hence free. Better to make these calls than bear the additional costs which you have seen.