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What is taking so long with the new Cabinet

I have been waiting for Infinity now for what seems ages.

The new Infinity cabinet was installed back in early November, the estimated date for cabinet activiation was Sept 2011, then Dec 2011 and now March 2012.


What can be taking so long with getting this cabinet up and running, at the end of this month is it close on 4 months. I havent seen any activity around the cabinet for some time, other cabinets in the area were installed and were available to accept orders within a month.


I have tried calling and I just get given the date as possibly March, is there any way to get a more accurate date, is there a problem with the cabinet, a problem with power?

For some reason the cabinet has been installed on the opposite side of the road to the existing BT cabinet which I thought was a little strange, as surly that makes it a little more hard work to get online and reroute cables etc.


I live in Skelmersdale and I believe the Cabinet is 46.


If anyone is able to provide any more information on this I would appreciated it.

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Re: What is taking so long with the new Cabinet

There's lots of possibilities.

There could be a delay in supplier equipment (MSAN to go in the cab)
Ducting could be collapsed so they can't get the fiber to the cab until that's replaced.
The power company could be causing delays to power the cabinet up.
Road works may be needed to connect the FTTC cabinet to the existing cabinet.

There's a couple more reasons it could be delayed too.
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