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What is the username and password for Infinity using a 3rd party router ? - Does anyone even care ?

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Ive decided to change my BT home router (BT Hub5) to a 3rd party job in desperation 

im on the top infinity package and i get 9-10 meg down and about 1 meg upload 

on wifi i get about 3 meg down and 0.3 up ..... my 4g EE phone does better with 2 bars of signal !

Its about as much use as a piece of string and two cups and im ready to throttle the next BT employee i speak to (ill need long arms though as they all appear to work in fliipin India these days ?????) 

Anyway ..... when i try and set it up it just wont establish a connection.

I have all the standard setting in there for BT (its pre populated actually - TP Link) but i think its the user name and password issue 

Ive seen all the messgaes on here of or - password as BT or blank if you router will accept it etc etc i think ive tried all combinations about 5 times .... nothing

The light flashes and it attempts to 'authorise' on the system and then fails. i suspect its the user name and login

its an ADSL all in one modem router by the way

I spent half an hour on the phone yesterday to India with no joy (BT why do you persit with using India it is so frustrating, trying to explain in broken english, this alone makes me want to leave !) before the call dropped out ...... the nice lady never even bothered to ring me back .... you may say i was most displeased 

Anway any advice, its driving me mad 

I ideally want to speak to someone in the UK who works for BT to explain my issues and who will take ownership of them and help me get sorted !

My other issues include

i had BT TV when i first took the contract out - now India tell me i never had a box or the TV package - the TV box is still in fornt of me and worked ok for the first 12 months or so, it just didnt work after i reconnected it (it was unplugged for a month or two while i decorated the room) then it didnt work ..... i rang up and was told i dont have abox and never had the TV package !!!!

The line was connected about 3 years ago and ive had a crossed line since the first time i picked the phone up ! its that **bleep** ive not used my phone in over 18 months (check my records) ......... and im not joking !

does anyone at BT even care, what has happened to this company, once a shining light a blue chip company something to be proud of ...... now it appears its an Indian call center who know nothing and just fob you off constantly. 

: ( 



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Re: What is the username and password for Infinity using a 3rd party router ? - Does anyone even car

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if you are on fibre connection then an adsl modem/router won't work and may be your problem as it need to be vdsl modem router

the username is standard   and password any or just bt

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