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What new hub do I need for better QoS settings for FTTC?


I know this gets asked a lot, but I couldn't see my specific question anywhere. I just had FTTC installed, which gives amazing speeds, always at least 800mbps. However, the consistnecy of that connection isn't great when more than one device is connected. 

I need a stable download connection - not necessarily fast, around 50mbps - without drops - in order to edit video remotely. 
But when someone else connects, it jitters and playback stutters.

I know the Smart Hub 2 that comes as standard has no option to prioritise connections, so want to get a new router for this purpose. But I don't know what one I need for the FTTC connection.

I've been looking at the TP-Link AC1200 - but again, I'm not sure if this is what I can replace the Smart Hub with. (There's a LAN connection from the box on the wall to the SmartHub - rather than a phone line input in case that helps)

Can anyone help? (And I assume this QoS is the only solution I have for speed stability in my edit suite?).

Annoyingly, this wasn't an issue with the old bell-wire broadband. Grrrr.

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Re: What new hub do I need for better QoS settings for FTTC?

With that speed you must have FTTP not FTTC.

Do you have digital voice, if so,then you are stuck with the smart hub 2.

If not, then most of the TP Link routers have QOS and bandwidth control.

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Re: What new hub do I need for better QoS settings for FTTC?

Ah. Apologies for posting in the wrong forum. FTTProperty - yup. 

No digital voice. I'll maybe take a punt on a TP Link. Just spoke to someone who was suggesting £700 for a Drayton 3910 though, saying TP Link wouldn't handle my 1gbps connection. 

This is why I need to stick to making TV programmes, and not network stuff! 


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