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Re: What's coming after Infinity?

"What applications are you running that max. out a 40Mbs connection? It is like doubling a car's top speed from 120mph or 240mph which is pretty theoretical if you are on the M25. However people stuck with 512Kbs connections cannot get out of the slow lane and should be the priority."

Well I hit about 1tb in downloads every 3 months, so from 40mbps to 100mbps, I would definitely appreciate the difference. Especially when downloading large 40gb blu-rays. Not that I'm complaining, I came from 2mb until BT rang me up with an offer I couldnt refuse. Free Upgrade to 40mb (37mb actual) for the same £25 a month 😄
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Re: What's coming after Infinity?

You've been on the same packages I was, with the unlimited plans (£25 a month). Is Infinity available in your area? If so, just change to it. I was estimated 15mbps, but got 37mpbs. The profile never changes. And is more based around the cabinet, than the hub. (Which used to drop my speeds down if it knocked off and reconnected at a slower speed, after 2 days. bam.. that was my speed until i restarted it) None of that with the infinity hub.
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Re: What's coming after Infinity?

A very short sighted business plan concentrating on populated areas, while the likes of the urban sprawl get 40-100, and ever more providers, the country side moves in other directions, with sat broadband and 3g and testing 4g in Wales, BT your market will shrink and the new frontier of the countryside will be gone to you forever.

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Re: What's coming after Infinity?



The Infinity product can already do 100 mb connection, however due to the last copper mile no one will get that kind of speed and the only way forward would be a total revamp of the last mile to fibre, which won't happen for a long time, if it will ever happen. If the last mile was converted over to fibre then there wouldn't be any reason not to get 1 gb connections, or up the hardware to 10 gb connections which can only be seen in the computer industry at this time.


At this time Infinity is all about demand and supply and it starts with the most populated areas, however I live in a village with 4000 houses and not all of the village has FTTC, I asked about this and found out that there is no demand for this product and the houses within that area won't be getting FTTC, yet I have it and was the first to be installed.


People are correct about the lack of good broadband services to the smaller communities, its all about greed, however this is what makes the money world go around. The only option will be wireless broadband which the goverment are trying to get roll out for 2012 where the whole of the UK should be getting at lest 2 mg connections regardless of where you live.


There is no real answer to the questions being asked other than the next package which will be 100 mb connection which we won't see until 70% plus FTTC coverage has been completed, at this time BT are on thier own with supplying this product even though other ISP's have signed up to roll out FTTC packages and dragging thier heels in getting it out there. If they stopped beating about the bush and got on with it, I am sure we will see a bigger incease on supply of FTTC. 

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