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What's going on with BT?

I've just come back to BT after a year's break with TalkTalk who I found perfectly acceptable but I wanted to try out BT Sport so came back to BT.  Trouble is my speed is now lower than it was with BT but I should be using the same equipment other that the router as I'm still on old fashioned ADSL.  The speed download has dropped from circa 6.8mps to under 6 and upload has dropped from about 0.8MPS to about 0.3.  The switch over didn't happen on time either meaninbg I have been billed again by TalkTalk as I was with them for an additional 2 days.


My parenbts have just moved to the area and their experience was much worse.  They were told that they would be getting Infinity but it would take 4 weeks!   An engineer came to fit a phone line - but left with it still not working.  The next day the broadband engineers were supposed to visit to fit the cable but never turned up.  Day 3 another Engineer turned up and got the phone working eventually.  Day 6 they have now been told that there is no capacity in the cabinet for Infinity so they will have to get ADSL - but they will need another router as the HH5 won't work so another delay until they get that.


Now to me BT are contracted to provide the Infinity and so they SHOULD PROVIDE IT.  I've advised my parents that BT are in breach on contract and they should just tell them where to put their router and get Virgin in.  What has happened to BT/OpenReach service?

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Re: What's going on with BT?

The service you have received has been pretty poor and you should complain to BT about that and how it incurred extra cost to you because of it. It may be that you could claim compensation but I would imagine that they will have a get out clause somewhere that it was not there fault that the change over did not go ahead on time.


You should post your speed problem on the ADSL board and you may get help regarding that.


As regards your parents, if the Openreach cabinet is over capacity and BT can not supply Infinity you are correct that your mother can cancel the contract because that is obliviously not being fulfilled by BT. If she does want to stay with BT the Homehub 5 does work on ADSL but BT normally supply ADSL customers with the Homehub 4 which other than having a built in VDSL modem is the same as the HH5.