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What’s the best Mesh Router for BT Fibre 900


I’m having massive performance issues with the Smart Hub 2 since upgrading to BT Fibre 900.

I currently have a Smart Hub 2 and 2 additional discs (Black Discs).

It would be great to get peoples views on the best replacement.

Any views on Google Nest Wifi?

Should I opt for a Wifi 6 enabled router?


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Re: What’s the best Mesh Router for BT Fibre 900

It all depends on your use cases whether you need WiFi 6 or not, if every device is on WiFi and nothing is hard wired and you need close to the full speed form WiFi 6 then go for it but I personaly only have phones / tablets that don't need maximum throughput.

My setup constists of:

Edge Router Lite-3 (No WiFi and Cannot obtain full 1Gbps, about 970Mbps down on

Tenda Mesh WiFi (One Cube connected to Switch which is then networked into the EdgeRouter, other two are then meshed which only need power)

I live in a brick house, black motrar the whole shabang and WiFI signal from a single device was non existant, getting about 170Mbps down on WiFi devices which is more than ehough for my use cases.

To get the absolute maximum out fo wired devices you'd need to be looking at upgrade your LAN equipment too, to 2.5GbE or higher which is pretty pricey.

Also be aware that BT are rolling out a fix to Speed Issues (althought it was only confirmed for Upload caps at 50Mbps)

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Re: What’s the best Mesh Router for BT Fibre 900

Thanks for the tips and insight into your setup. 

ive opted for a Synology Router RT2600ac and MR2200AC. So far so good. 

Performance is still a little erratic, but the controls it offers for me and family is great!  

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Re: What’s the best Mesh Router for BT Fibre 900

I too am curious about this. What is the best way to deliver the Full Fibre 900 speed wirelessly across the home with a Mesh system?

I have a similar question here:

I think the Whole Home discs (whether you get the Complete Wifi black discs, or buy your own discs) lack a backhaul band, so the resultant speed that they can deliver is roughly half of the specified speed for each Wifi frequency band. Thus I don't think they can get up close to the 900Mbps into the house. 

Would the BT Premium Home Wifi do the job? Unlike the Home Wifi discs, it doesn't appear to have a professional review out there, and customer reviews seem to suggest problems with it. But in theory they might be able to let one realise the full benefits of Fibre 900.

I wonder if the ASUS Zen AX, or Amplifi Alien, or series of Synology MR2200ac, or BT Premium Wifi Discs can form a great Mesh for the BT Fibre 900 product? The normal Home Discs seem to get up to their maximum well, so assuming the backhaul band of a Triband device allows a better theoretical connection between nodes/discs, you should be in theory able to get a better throughput at the Client end.

I wonder about the Wifi 6 business as well. The BT Premium Wifi discs don't appear to offer Wifi 6 for clients though. Admittedly that is going to be for future devices and a smaller number of present day devices. But surely you can receive high speeds on Wifi 5 devices too and take advantage of Fibre 900?

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