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What's your favourite App?

Hi Guys


We’ve chatted a bit about social networking sites and Facebook seemed to come out as most popular, now i‘m interested in finding out about your favourite apps!  For those that have a Smartphone – which app is the one you can’t live without?


It could be the new BT FON app which helps you find and connect to Wi-Fi hotspots on the move.  Or maybe it’s the Angry Birds game?  The Talking Tom Cat? or some retro games like Pacman or Frogger?


I was addicted to Angry Birds for a while but have recently discovered Shanghai Mahjong which now takes up a lot of my time!


What would you recommend as your favourite app?




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Re: What's your favourite App?

Hi Kerry,


I have a smartphone but it doesn't have those applications.


Maybe you ought to say iPhone, if that's what you mean.


Anyway my favourite aplications (on my phone) are: HP42 (the ultimate reverse polish calculator) , Conky (what is my phone doing), WifiEye (where are those hotspots), ssh (control phone from my computer) and Alarmed (enable phone facilities according to my routine). The one I use most is Password Safe (all those passwords I can't remember locked away in a safe with one secure key that I can remember).



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Re: What's your favourite App?

Angry Birds and the BT FON app have recently been released on the android apps store so are available for the HTC Hero.

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