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What the hell has happened to account management for BT Yahoo users???

First of all BT, thanks for letting us know that you were changing things for BTYahoo mail users - NOT!


I've been with BT mail from the beginning - and I mean the beginning - when I worked for BT.  Putting aside the issue that when it was originally created it was meant to be free forever, I now pay for Premium Mail as I do not have a BT phone or broadband.  Everything has worked reasonably well until I got a call from my son today telling me he couldn't get into his mail account (a sub-account on my mail account) to alter his security and recovery settings.  So I thought I would log in as the primary account holder to see what the problem was.


Now, I'm used to the pain of having to log in again when accessing settings but was a bit flummoxed when the system asked me, not for my email and password, but my BT ID and password followed by not the usual account management screen but a new screen asking me whether I wanted to change my password or manage my email addresses.  Choosing 'Manage my email Addresses' led to a screen which only enabled two options, 'Add to BTID' or 'Delete', no option to edit or manage.  I took the step to 'add' my email address to my BTID but this only elicited the options to 'Make favourite' or 'Delete' on that one email address.  Still no account management/edit options.


Now I can't remember the tortuous route by which I arrived at it but trying to access my profile forced an update of my BTID to my email address which has now led to a slightly different MyBT page.  This new MyBT page, after a few false messages, has on the front page an option to manage my BT email.  However, following this only leads back to the same screen as above with no option to actually manage the email accounts.


Can someone please explain how, as a Premium Mail customer, I can actually do anything useful with email management like, for instance, changing recovery information and security information?  And I do not mean just for the main account but for the individual email sub-accounts.


The whole process/system is, frankly, shambolic with screens not matching the help videos and help links for account management for BTYahoo Mail users leading back to out of date information on screens that no longer exist.  It may work for BT Broadband customers but it certainly doesn't work for BT Premium Mail customers.

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Re: What the hell has happened to account management for BT Yahoo users???

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Re: What the hell has happened to account management for BT Yahoo users???

Unfortunately that doesn't answer the myriad questions that have arisen.  In particular, there is no option to amend or edit an email address details despite what the help article says.


Also, email addresses previously given to family members under BT Yahoo do not appear in the Friends and Family section.  Actually, the friends and family details previously entered into BT Yahoo do not show either.  It looks like only part of the BT Yahoo information has been carried over.


Frankly, at every move there are questions that arise that the on-screen instructions do not answer.  It doesn't help that most of the help articles and videos do not line up with what I am seeing on the screen.


Maybe, just maybe, an email to all BT Yahoo users before this change was made, explaining clearly what to expect, would have been a good idea.  It may have avoided some of us swimming around in a sea of mud trying to figure out what has happened and what to do.  As I said in my opening post, shambolic.

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Re: What the hell has happened to account management for BT Yahoo users???



I've had BTinternet email from year dot also and generally it has met all my needs, I really don't like the idea of letting google have access to my email!


I don't have premium mail but I can see all the email addresses I've given to my family, I can only change the password on the ones that are mine, so for instance my Son, he has to do this for his email address - which feels right - otherwise I'd be able to change his password and read his email!


If you want to change your details for your email (or if your son want's to do this for his)

MYBT -> manage extras ->manage BT Mail -> identify the account you want to change password for and click change password.

If you want to edit your security phrase MYBT -> settings


Or you can bypass MyBT and use   


Hope that helps.

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Re: What the hell has happened to account management for BT Yahoo users???

As per the originating post experiencing exactly the same issue with regard to there being no ability to check or manage existing BT Yahoo Premium Email accounts despite BT's own help pages and screenshots advising that this should be possible within My BT.  So how is this an improvement to service and security when previous functionality to check security settings (login, aliases, forwarding etc) is no longer there but you can access the mail address inbox directly from My BT which does not seem very secure? 


I have been trying unsuccessfully to obtain answers from BT and the Premium Email Team as to why there is no longer any ability to manage the now called Premium Email Accounts that we have had with BT for years within My BT or why these very same email accounts that were previously managed under the main BT account reference number are now under a separate GB account (that we had to go and get from our bank statements) number rather than as an added 'extra' under the main landline account number that's also viewable via My BT Id.  Simple question yet to be answered.


What I have been successful in obtaining from BT:-


1.A real concern that the BT Yahoo Premium Email Accounts are not secure as there is now no ability to check whether these have been compromised via any form of account management system in BT or to access the 'settings' tab in the Premium Mail Acount page within My BT even though the main Id is the Acount Holder . Yet the inbox is directly linked to My BT (really  secure how do I tell if Offshore are reading it). I have no sent items since October 2016 which is about the time I received an email from BT advising that my account had been compromised and to reset password - where are the sent emails going?


2.Concern as to why the Offshore Team would be asking for Remote PC Access that is not required to either answer a simple question or resolve a problem.  This sparks alarm bells.


3. Obstructed - Getting the absolute runaround and wasting of time from the Offshore Team both in the chat service and any phonecall that they've made to us 


4. Being cut off twice after being told to wait while being transferred.


5. Diversions and going off on a tangent rather than answering the question being asked.


6. Complaint being closed without any handling of it or being told absolute tosh.


7. No help from 0800 44 33 11 number despite selecting the correct menu options - The UK member of staff had an attitude in their voice that was not merited and unsatisfactory telling me that they were the sports package team (well I didn't phone that number which I am aware from my bill is a completely different number).  Great even your phone menu isn't very helpful in it's call routing.


8. Conflicting advice from the Offshore Premium Email Team that differs from the BT Help pages telling me that Premium Email Accounts have no management ability as I do not have Broadband (so you want me to pay for Broadband as well to get this functionality?).  Then telling me that I can reset my BT ID password if I want the ability to reset my email address - eh so how do you reset what should be a sub account? keep resetting the main BT ID.


9. Ability to pay £60 a year to keep email names and that's it - that's what Offshore told is all you get by having Premium Email - really well thats a promised security upgrade isn't it.


10. No concrete visibility or fact based evidence that the system has not been compromised especially without the email account owners knowledge - so I've just to take Offshore's word for it, the same people who asked for remote pc access for no justifiable reason. 


Yes absolutely unimpressed at the lack of anything that could be described as an acceptable service. I shall be writing to BT complaints in an unelectronic format as this is beyond a bad joke and needs to be sorted not just for me but for anyone else who is going round the bend.  Also I'd rather that the department that I'm complaining about is this one dealing with the complaint which is a conflict of interest.




















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