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What type of cable

I hopefully getting BT fibre 2 in a week or so which comes with a smart hub 2. As the cable that runs from my current router to the master socket which I currently have is looking very tatty (nibbled by a kitten) I intend replacing this with a good quality one and need a bit of advice.

I've read on a couple of forums that for a smart hub, this cable (it's the one with an RJ11 connector at each end) needs to be a specific type with 4 individual conductors. whilst other people state that one with 2 conductors is fine.

Could someone who knows about this sort of thing let me know what I really need, and if possible, recommend a good, low loss cable that I could buy. It needs to be about 4m in length.


Many thanks.


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Re: What type of cable

If you are going to run rj11 for 4m then I would get a good quality shielded cable like this

belkin shielded rj11_.jpg

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Re: What type of cable

No idea what forum is telling you that you need 4 wires for a DSL cable, 2 is all that are needed. A quality RJ11-RJ11 cable is all that is needed as @imjolly  says.

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