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Whats this? Censorship?!

I have noticed a few of my posts have been disappearing into thin air.


They have not been rude, insulting, or attacking.

They have been on topic.


The only reason I can think is because I dare to argue the toss with certain people that wont have a bad word said against BT.


You wont silence me, all you will do is show your self to be pathetic.


I am having major problems with BT, they arent interested in helping to solve the problems, so I have a right to speak my piece.



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Re: Whats this? Censorship?!

they're not interested


I keep asking them to email me on


they will not -- I will not jump through THEIR HOOPS anymore


this is disgusting


why should I -- here is my email -- email me -- what is going on?


I pay the MAXIMUM -- I get NO SERVICE



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Re: Whats this? Censorship?!

I know how your feeling.


Every phone call you wait for half hour if your lucky, its answered, you give your details, the Indian appologises for the fault and offers to run a line test.

I refuse and explain for hundreth time the problems Im facing, the operator then asks me to reset the router!!!


Seriously, they dont listen to a word you say, they latch onto a single little thing and go over and over and over the same incorrect thing, you ask for a manager, they palm you off with a team leader and then say your not allowed to speak to a manager, after a couple of hours you hang up after getting no where.


Its awful.

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Re: Whats this? Censorship?!

well they will have to start listening to us all if we stop paying the bill.


Mine is due the 15th of this month, if my service dont change thats it for me bye bye Bt.


Im not going to carry on paying for something im not getting, you would go to tesco and pay £30 for an empty carrier bag.

so why pay bt for a service your not getting.


i realy was better off with dial up, throught a 24 hour period i could download about 6 times as much stuff, and thats not funny.

I only came to BT because they told me i would get a faster service than my dial up, and could download more ha ha .

I have a 40gig  download limit,  there is no chance of ever going over that in a month thats for sure.

I did on 2 months throughot last yea go over my old 10 limit ha ha i time was 11 gig and another 10.5gig. thats was me trying to download a few films and had to leave pc on over 3nights and days to get that.




BT is Rubbish.



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Re: Whats this? Censorship?!

its amazing how your treated but 'customer service' isnt it.


They are condesending, treat you like a child, and always take the attitude that we should be GRATEFUL to be speaking to them!!


My bill was due a week ago, I have paid the call charges, but thats it until my problems are sorted.


The funny thing is, I have two seperate issues, I tried to explain both, but god,m talk about confusing, so Im sticking with the wireless problem first, get that sorted, then spend another 3 month with the other problem!!!


Legally if you file a complaint regarding a faulty service or billing issue, the company can not restrict your bill for with holding payment.


We all BT will cut me off.. then I will be straight to trading standards.

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Re: Whats this? Censorship?!

The best i can suggest is you write a post with your particular issues with hardware, broadband issues and see if others members can help.  I doubt the mods will be here untill Monday am.  However if its about wirless ranges, if your house is not all open plan then forget it.

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I'm alright Jack....
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Re: Whats this? Censorship?!

Mate I take it you havent been around the forum the past month or so, because I have posted numerous threads documenting my service.


From Day 1 where I posted how happy I was with my service, and how well the change over was handled (November) through to today.


Im past the point of simply repeating my problems again, because its been a dozen times.


I know your only offering some help, thank you for that, but all you have to do is click on my name, all me threads and posts are listed there.


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