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When is an upgrade not an upgrade?

I’m 13 months into a 24 month contract FFTP 250 at £60 and some pennies a month. Nothing wrong with that, I signed for it and the service has been near enough. 
What bothers me is BTs own advertising on its website which clearly states you can upgrade at ANY time. Also their website guarantee is that I’ll never be charged more than new customers to upgrade.
so I’ve just been trying to UPGRADE to FFTP 300 widely available at 49.99 to existing customers, but a new customers price of £39.99 monthly. Not a chance, they can only upgrade me to FFTP 900 for £61 monthly, a pound more than I pay now.  Blatantly told me BT won’t match new customers prices, and you can’t really upgrade at any time of your contract, you can only up-money. 
Guess it’s wait 11 months and try again. 

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Re: When is an upgrade not an upgrade?

This has been discussed before, if you're on a halo package the price promise means you'll never pay more than a new customer for a halo package, the ones online won't include the halo so they're covering it as per the terms & conditions on their side

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Re: When is an upgrade not an upgrade?

Me too.
Pricing policies and promises to loyal customers is less than satisfactory and is cunningly suspicious.
I'm watching carefully, taking screenshots etc
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