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When will I get my just eat £50 voucher?

I signed up for the just eat voucher and it just keeps saying it’s on it’s way but when will it arrive? It doesn’t fill me with much hope when I see people saying they haven’t received theirs either and that BT don’t seem to want to give out the vouchers. It shouldn’t be a promotion if we end up not getting the vouchers. I would appreciate someone looking into this for me. Helen. 

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Re: When will I get my just eat £50 voucher?

When was your broadband activated not ordered

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Re: When will I get my just eat £50 voucher?

The info on Student broadband deals states :

Your offer includes a £50 Just Eat Voucher. Offer ends 31st October and you’ll need your university email to sign up. We’ll send you an email within the next 5 working days with details of your eligibility and how to claim. All gifts will be fulfilled by BT Shop.

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Re: When will I get my just eat £50 voucher?

I did sign up with my uni email and then I had an email that said claim which I clicked but have had nothing since? 



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Re: When will I get my just eat £50 voucher?



I signed up for wifi being a student and with the order should come a just eat voucher (£50). the cooling period of 14 has ended a while ago so i should be eligble for it by now. 

I realise i forgot to include my university/student email when signing up, however i can provide proof of this now to get the voucher. The voucher was the reason i signed up with BT in the first place. 

Many Thanks,

Manon Leary

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