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When will my cabinet be FTTC enabled?

My exchange is now enabled and a number of cabinet's in the area have now been enabled, however according to the December PCP my cabient hasn't even been allocated a phase yet.


TW8 9RN, Isleworth, P75


Is it possible to find out if that has changed in subsequent PCP plans?


This is mainly as I am looking to move ISPs but given my line length my current poor sync speed so I will want to move to FTTC as soon as it is availible and would prefer to not have to move twice!


So if it is at least planned in the next few months; I will probably postpone until then, it not then I might has well move twice.

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Re: When will my cabinet be FTTC enabled?

Hi and welcome to the forum, unfortunately as far as i'm aware nothing additional on the PCP spreadsheet has been published as of yet, unless i've missed it.

I would keep an eye on the checker: this has the most recent and up to date information in regards as to what is available to you.
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Re: When will my cabinet be FTTC enabled?

Intersted to know.


Can you get Virgin Media?


Only ask because my cabinet has not been upgraded yet a cabinet on the estate over the road and is further from the exchange has been.


the difference is thta they can get all the virgin services and we cannot.

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