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Re: Where do I post a question about BT ID Username ?

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So at the end of this....The new Customer gets an email informing them that the switch over to BT has been day I set up their Hub and Youview problems...THEN attempt to get them their BT ID to get them into My Bt only to be told that because they don't know the Account Number, not been given to them at any stage at this point, apart from a email that said BTxxxxabcd is your account, abcd being the last four numbers of the account only, and having having given them their bank details for credit rating check, and that the Infinity was switched on, the were told they have to wait 4/5 days for a LETTER with the Account Number , which would then allow them to register for My Bt ID !!


As numerious emails, both ways, had been sent to the customer and got them "on Board" checked, connected up and working, why wasn't an email sent to them with Account Number once they were connected to allow them to get their BT ID on /after installation ??


Very strange, me thinks...!!


Am sure someone may have a reason for this "out of synch" apparent situation preventing access to a BT ID ???


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