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Where is my new Hub???

My fibre to the home is getting installed tomorrow but there is no sign of my new hub. 

In years gone by I have always got a new hub when I renewed my contract and it always arrived a few days (in some cases a week) before the activation date. 

Do the engineers bring it with them now for full fibre installs?

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Re: Where is my new Hub???


Which BT Home hub do you have at the moment, and does it have a red WAN port on the back?

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Re: Where is my new Hub???

I have the Smart Hub 2 which I am pretty sure is currently the all singing, all dancing model available - I also bought it, it wasn't free. 

But I was told when I ordered that I would get a new hub, so I want my ‘new’ hub. 

Even if it is just another Smart Hub 2, I will just keep it in its box as a spare  


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Re: Where is my new Hub???

If you bought your existing Smart Hub 2 via BT, then that may be recorded against your line.

I thing you will have to wait to see if one turns up.


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