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Which SSID with WHole Home


I have recently installed the BTWholehome 3 disc wifi system, and relatively happy with it.

I have VirginMedia 3 hub now set as a modem. My wifi is through TP-link1200 router. My wifi from the router is named 29cricri with 29cricri5 as my 5ghz address. The wifi from my BT Whole home is   BTWholehome-GN7.

How do I allocate my SSID's into one wifi address? I know I can change either but not sure whether I make my router BTWholehome-GN7  or change the name of my BT... to 29cricri?

Then do I also change the 5ghz SSID or just disconnect the 5ghz, I'm Ok with 2.4ghz if I can have 1 SSID throughout the house.

What else would I need to do?

Sorry for all the questions.



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Re: Which SSID with WHole Home


The best thing for you to do is to rename the TPlink as the same as the BT equipment. Because of the way BT system works with a thing called band steering, I would not have two different networks for your 2.4 and 5ghz. 


So in short, Set 1 wifi name (SSID), with the same password and security encryption on all the hubs you have BT and otherwise. 


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Re: Which SSID with WHole Home

I really don't understand this obsession people have with SSIDs, it's just a label to identify a WiFi source. It doesn't matter if they are the same or different, devices will still connect. Despite what many people believe, having the same SSID for all signals doesn't mean your devices will automatically switch and connect to the strongest signal.

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