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Which is correct - BTCloudWeb site or BTCloud Desktop app.

Well, after leaving the computer on for a week or so, and several reboots to kickstart the desktop app later, I now have my data backed up in BTCloud.


Just one discrepancy.


The BTCloud desktop app shows I have used almost 488GB of the 500GB allowance.

The BTCloud website shows 4 folders backed up, totalling 523.8GB, apparently well over the allowance


I expect that this is just the difference between 1kB being considered as 1000bytes as a disk drive, or 1024bytes as a memory chip.


Which definition does the BT Cloud allocation use and, if it is as a disk drive, will I be charged for going overdrawn, as it were?

Also, why do the two versions of accessing BT Cloud use different definitions of KB, MB and GB?  Isn't that a bug?

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Re: Which is correct - BTCloudWeb site or BTCloud Desktop app.



Interesting problem! I have noticed a (much smaller) discrepency on my own account, but it's caused by duplicate content. Where I have the same file in multiple locations, the web counter counts them twice, but the desktop / mobile app counters only count them once. It also seems to go with the 'lower' count for the purposes of calculating my quota, as it's never stopped me uploading more stuff. Could this be the cause of your problem?


I don't think there's a bug which is universally messing up how to convert bytes to kilobytes, as if there was my own 420GB account would show a similar discrepency.




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