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Which is my master socket and which is my extension socket?



I'm at a bit of a quandry with regard to my phone sockets, in preparation for my broadband to be installed.

I'm in a first floor maisonette and have two phone sockets in the same room, a short distance from each other.


One of which (on the side of the room closer to the main entrance) is an NTE5 faceplated-socket with a grayscale Openreach logo on it:


NTE5 socket.jpg

The other socket is a socket marked PCS, with the older style BT logo on it:

PCS Socket.jpg


The phone works identically no matter what socket I plug it into, and the PCS socket is connected directly to the bottom of the NTE5 socket with a wire, as can be seen in the two photos.


Assuming that the NTE5 socket is the master one, i'm planning on fitting the newer VDSL broadband accellerator faceplate onto the NTE5 socket, however would the connection to the PCS socket cause me problems with this?


Will the NTE5 socket always be the master one, or could it be the other way around? If the PCS socket is simply an extension from the NTE5 socket, would this be fairly easy for me to disconnect (as I have no need for it), prior to fitting the VSDL accellerator faceplate?

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Re: Which is my master socket and which is my extension socket?

the upper socket is the master the other is an extension
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Re: Which is my master socket and which is my extension socket?

Assuming that someone hasn't wired it completely wrong, the top socket is the master, and the bottom is the extension.


If you unscrew the faceplate of the master, and carefully pull it away, you should find that the extension socket is wired to that faceplate, not the permanently fitted part behind.  If you don't need the extension at all, you can just disconnect the wires.  If you want to keep the extension, re-connect the wires to the corresponding terminals on the new faceplate - remember which wires went to which terminals.

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