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Who called me?


I have recently bought a BT3570 landline and have had some difficulty. When I miss a call I wish to be able to see who called me but have not yet worked out how? This is needed as when out shopping or nipping to the loo I have no idea who phoned me so I have to wait and hope they call back. Any help would be great!

Thanks, Ben

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Re: Who called me?

Hi Finite,

In order to see who has called you you will need Caller Display enabled by whichever service provider supplies your phone line service.

If this is enabled the number will be displayed on the handset whilst a call is incoming or in the Calls List after the call has finished, or a name will be displayed if you have added that number to your Contacts.

Without Caller Display enabled the handset will not be able to display who has called you.

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