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Re: Who is Keith Beddoe?

This is very enlightening, as I wondered how Keith had such great knowledge, given he doesn't work for BT!


I think that it is great that people like Keith (and there are others on these forums) who give everybody the benefit of their knowledge and experience.


Thank you, Keith.


I hope that you (and the others like you) continue to let others benefit from your knowledge.


Happy Christmas.




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Distinguished Sage
Distinguished Sage
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Re: Who is Keith Beddoe?

I worked for BT for nearly 42 years Smiley Wink


Anyway, thanks to everyone for their support of these forums, as they do help a lot of people.


Special thanks to some of the new contributors, who came here with a problem, had it fixed, and then took the time to help others. That is how a community forum survives.


Lets not forget the BT Care Team Forum Moderators, who are always willing to help out, when things cannot be sorted here, their support is vital.



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