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Who is on my wifi list?

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Hello everyone


I have been looking at who is conneted to my wifi and im not sure about a few things.


In the home hub mangement page I have listed the devices that are connected to the network.


My sisters computer and my playstation 3 show up, this is normal but my computer that i am writing this with does not.


I do have an unkown device with out an adresse Unknown-C8-BC-C8-ect etc.


Is this some one on my network or is it me?


Either way its not very clear.


Any help would be great

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Re: Who is on my wifi list?

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That is a MAC address most likely your own PC as no one can connect to your wireless network unless they have your wireless security code or they are wired into your hub by ethernet cable
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Re: Who is on my wifi list?

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You should be able to name your computer, certainly if it's running Windows. Go to Control Panel > System > Advance system settings > Computer Name > type a name then click OK. Your home hub should now display the name instead of the MAC address.

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