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Who to believe ? BT or your Broadband Service Provider ?

My Broadband has just stopped working completely. I've been in touch with Plusnet who took me through various diagnostic checks & eventually ran a line test and determined the fault was "wiring fault between EVOTAM and legacy line card" which is apparently external to my property. However, Plusnet were unable to raise fault / engineer with OpenReach as my line rental is with BT.


After a very very frustrating chat with BT they advised 'no faults with line'. I asked if this meant they were sure about the EVOTAM/Legacy card wiring. They advised they couldn't check my Broadband as I didn't have BT by that my landline for voice was working.


After 30 minutes of going round in circles about I pay line rental for a line capable of both voice & data etc ... the upshot is they can send an engineer but with risk that I pay £130 if they can't find the fault or that it's in my home.


Openreach don't let you contact them directly "go to your service provider".


It really feels like BT just doesn't care or understand that having a working line for voice calls is not the extent of the service I pay for with them.  I'm disappointed that their customer care team don't have the capibility of referring to a more technical team - or at least a team that doesn't just read from scripts that I feel has some empathy for my situation and can make some compromises on a way forward.


So who do I trust ? BT or Plusnet ?   Any advice ????


The good news is that I'm leaving BT (and their awful customer service) in a couple of weeks - I feel the only way that BT will change / listen is if they lose revenue...

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Re: Who to believe ? BT or your Broadband Service Provider ?

If you have carried out all the tests that Plusnet should have told you to do in order to rule out an internal wiring problems you would not be responsible for a £130 charge because the fault would obviously lie on the Openreach side of the master socket.


In any event, regardless of where the problem lies, it is up to your ISP, Plusnet, to ensure that you have the service you are paying for. It matters not a jot who you pay your line rental to. Your contract is with Plusnet and it is up to them to sort it out.


There will be nothing anybody on this forum will be able to do to help you, and in particular if your phone is working.

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