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Whole Home App useless

Firstly my Whole Home set up is fine. No drop outs everything connects etc. No issues except with the app which is useless.

Says I’m not connected , then says I am, checks for updates, no response from network. Can’t see any connected devices although it says how many are connected.

Went to web portal and most stuff is just blank.


Switched all disks off, deleted app restarted network etc. etc. but still same issues- It’s not my device as I’ve tried on another.

Should I just accept it given the network is fine??

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Re: Whole Home App useless

I agree the WH app (I use Android) does not show what is connected, just how many. The solution seems to be to log into the Hub which should show you all that is connected. (Alternatively in file manager in Windows 10 click on Network). 

I say 'should' because some hubs (I have a 6) don't seem too good at reporting what is connected to them but I reckon you will do better than using the WH app.

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