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Whole Home Premium - New User - Should I upgrade firmware?

Having browsed the forum I am concerned/confused.

Have just installed a 4 disk system (2*2 packs as Amazon offer) on SGAB20822C. After what seems the usual faff of getting all the discs to work together (1 connected to router and 3 WiFi back haul) I so far seem to have a stable system! All discs up, all my devices including firestick and Google home are onnected. Full WiFi speed throughout the house. 

I have turned off auto update, but:

Would discs update direct from 22C if I allowed them? I see mention of needing an interim step but app says '208326' is available. 

Would I gain anything or am I likely to kill/degrade my system?

All advice greatly appreciated! 

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Re: Whole Home Premium - New User - Should I upgrade firmware?

Sorry OP, not answering your question, just looking for the same answer/advice.

I have a 6 node mesh with a wifi backhaul also running SGAB20822C so the same configuration as the OP (but just with more nodes).

The mesh was running an older firmware but never seemed to auto-update itself so I manually initiated an update a while back and am now running fine on SGAB20822C.

If you have renamed your wireless clients, you lose those custom client names after a firmware update (annoying) - that was my experience at least.

@Rolandsizzers - did you go ahead and update to 208326?

Also annoyingly, I can see the update in the mobile app but can't navigate to the Firmware Update tab in the web app (via http://btwhole.home/2.0/gui/system/information/) and see it there.  (I used thw web app to initiate my last firmware upgrade).

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