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Whole Home - Smart TVs stopped connecting

Hi - I have a BT Smarthub and recently installed 3 Whole Home discs, and stopped the wifi signal being transmitted from the hub itself. All went well, all devices connected and everything was great for several weeks.

A couple of weeks ago my Panasonic smart TV (DX5800) dropped its wifi connection (but all other devices / the Whole Home network all still worked fine). I tried the normal fixes - re-input the wifi password , restarted the Smarthub but it still wouldn't connect. Since then, as a fallback, I've just used the Roku stick for smart TV services - I was going to do a factory reset on the TV but never got round to it.

Today, my son's LG smart TV (brand new, has been working over the wifi with no problem) also cannot connect to the wifi. Re-input the wifi password but still won't connect so I've had to connect that via a Powerline adapter.

Can anyone tell me how I can resolve this - the TVs are connected to separate Whole Home discs, the Whole Home App says everything is working OK, and other wifi devices are working fine (so far !). I haven't tried to power off the discs as they are all apparently working OK. 

Thanks for any help you can give, Scooby 99


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Re: Whole Home - Smart TVs stopped connecting

I’ve sorted it !
Reset the hub and powered down all the discs and now the TVs are connecting to the discs. I can’t understand why the discs were only stopping the TVs from connecting but I’ll know what to do next time.
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