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Whole Home: Why do my portable devices rarely connect to the nearest disc?

I have a 3 disc set-up with the 1st disc connected by Ethernet Cable to a BT Smart Hub and Superfast BT Broadband.

Surely you would expect a device to connect to the strongest signal and I would expect that to be the nearest one. But my Whole Home app shows me that downstairs devices are connected to the upstairs disc when the hallway disc is nearer - right next to my study where I'm working with any given device.

I can understand something like a Smartphone that is moving around the house all day long maybe staying connected to the wrong disc sometimes but why would my Laptop in my study connect to the disc in the Lounge when the Hallways disc is so much nearer? (Which is why I bought the Whole Home mesh system in the first place - to have an access point near to everywhere in the house, especially my study.)

It seems totally random which disc my devices connect to. Which seems odd to me.

I'm probably doing something wrong (although I'm not a total tech numptie).

I'd be most grateful for any clues or advice anyway. 🙂

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