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Whole Home WiFi - 2nd Gen Coming?

Lots of retailers are out of stock or removed/no longer selling the original Whole Home WiFi. Eg John Lewis.

I have been thinking for a while there must be a 2nd Gen coming of the middle of the range disks?

iOS Flight Test is showing a beta version of the Whole Home WiFi App and revers to the original disks as Whole Home WiFi (1st Gen) which is the first time I have seen it referenced “1st Gen”

Although it’s probably due a refresh, I do worry about the incompatibility to expand my current system if the 1st Gen is end of life?

Since the original, mini and premium range can’t “mix and match” I wonder what we do with our ageing “1st Gen” disks?

Appreciate I am talking and speculating about an unreleased model, but got me thinking!

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Re: Whole Home WiFi - 2nd Gen Coming?

This is the text I was referring to on the recently released iOS beta app

“ This version contains various bug fixes relating to access controls, support for individual LED brightness setting on Whole Home Wi-Fi (1st generation) and stability improvements.”
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Re: Whole Home WiFi - 2nd Gen Coming?

They need to FIX the Premium range first!

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Re: Whole Home WiFi - 2nd Gen Coming?

Hi @dlfranks 

We used this term to identify the original Whole Home Wi-Fi rather than the Mini / Premium models so that it's clear which model the change applies to (as the app is used for all 3 models).

Hopefully this helps.


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