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Whole Home WiFi - extends to outbuildings?

I've had BT Whole Home WiFi for some time now but have a couple of issues with it working indoors and also for my office in the garden.

I have 2 mini discs upstairs where the signal doesn't seem to be brilliant and also seems to depend on what services  are being used eg BBC iplayer usually works fine upstairs on my phone (android), although does drop out sometimes, whereas there is continual buffering when trying to watch anything remotely via the Sky Go app. Not sure if this is anything to do with the thickness of the walls as my house is quite old and connectivity to the SkyBox.

For the office in the garden, I tried putting one of the mini discs out there but this didn't work at all. The office is about 30ft from the house so thinking this may be too far away for a WiFi signal (or is it?), and also power is on a different circuit to the house, being connected to a separate circuit running from the garage. I can get a signal direct from the hub but this is very intermittent and cannot be relied on. I'm wondering whether I should explore something simple like a TP extension as a solution but not sure if that will work.

Therefore any suggestions welcome




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