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Whole home wifi disks

Hi all

Apologies if this has been asked before, 

As now working from home I need to get better signal around the house (whole family using it), so wondered which BT wifi disk to purchase with my current package,   I have Halo 1 with smart hub 2.  I only need 2 maximum 

I think I will purchase in one go instead of £5 a month. wish they would give me one for free 🙂

Thanks in advance -

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Re: Whole home wifi disks


Only the black discs can be used to link with the Smart Hub 2.

They are £100 each.

I would suggest you just pay the extra £5, as you will get a guarantee, and extra discs if needed.

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Re: Whole home wifi disks

Have you complete WiFi discs ? ( black disc) if yes BT should provide FOC additional discs ( 2 max) to get WiFi coverage i n the home. See BT.Com
We guarantee WiFi speeds that are 10x faster than Sky in every room. When you get Complete WiFi, we’ll automatically send you our latest Smart Hub and one WiFi Disc. That’s enough for most homes to get a strong signal everywhere. We’ll keep an eye on the WiFii speeds you’re getting, and if it’s not up to scratch we’ll be in touch to arrange to send you additional discs free of charge. If you still don’t have superfast WiFi in every room, you can get £20 back.

The WiFi speed we can guarantee will depend on the speed your connection supports. You can find this out by checking your personalised Stay Fast Guarantee. If it’s 30Mb or higher, we’ll guarantee 30Mb speeds. If it’s less than 30Mb, we’ll match your Stay Fast Guarantee.
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