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Whole home wifi (on/off loop) issue

I have a 3 disc setup all connected by ethernet. They have all worked fine since November 2017. Over the last 2 weeks I have been getting a random issue with all devices connecting then disconnecting continuously until one of the discs is turned off. Once a disc is turned off the remaining two discs work fine. I had a spare disc so replaced a disc (the one I usually turn off to get it all working again) but still the same issue. Everything goes haywire after about 2 days and again turning off a disc restores everything to normal.

I have read the readme first but no solutions on that. Have also checked ethernet cables and no issues with them.

Am running the latest FW.
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Re: Whole home wifi (on/off loop) issue

Update. As they come with a 2 year guarantee I asked amazon to send out replacements. No issues so far with the new setup.
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