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Whole home wifi red

Ive just moved house and am with sky broadband had my two disks set up at the last house with non issues. Had a new router from sky for new house and I’ve been trying to set up the whole home! I can do everything while the disks are wired to router following app instructions. As soon as I remove Ethernet cable for the disk I want to re locate it just turns to a solid red light? I’ve tried both disks and the do same thing? Any one know how I can rectify this issue it’s driving me nuts!!!!

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Re: Whole home wifi red

Please see

I do not remember seeing any posts from Sky users on this BT Broadband forum, but it may be worth doing a search. Also try the Sky forum.

There are a couple of BT device experts who sometimes post here, so one of those may offer help.

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Re: Whole home wifi red

Deleted by poster


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Re: Whole home wifi red

Hi @Bully3176 

It sounds like the disc is not paired correctly to the primary disc.

Have you tried resetting the 2nd disc while it's connected by Ethernet? You shouldn't unplug the 2nd disc until you see solid blue for over 30 seconds and have seen the disc flash purple during that time. The disc is not paired until you see the flashing purple LED sequence.


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Re: Whole home wifi red

Hello yes I’ve done that and the disks all go blue for over 30 seconds then when I go to re locate it and plug it back in it goes permanent red?? 

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Re: Whole home wifi red

Did the 2nd disc flash purple at any point? It must flash purple or it won't be paired correctly.

There is a chance your router is blocking the connection between the 2 discs across its Ethernet switch so that they can't communicate and synchronise.

Do you have a different router or a network switch you can plug the 2 discs into instead of directly into your Sky router?


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