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WholeHome Basic Questions

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I am looking into getting wifi across a large building and looking at BT WholeHome as a mesh solution.

I read (on the single dish manual) that the maximum number of dishes on a network is 6.

Is this true?

Can you do anything after that? for example, could I start another mesh network by plugging a dish into a seperate port on the router and running 5 more dishes from there?

Can they run from POE? So if I got a POE switch could I plug an ethernet cable into the back of a dish to provide power?

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Re: WholeHome Basic Questions

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Hi - the maximum number of discs on a single LAN is 6. You can connect them all via Ethernet if you prefer, but can only have 6 coming from one router. If you have a second router, you could run more on a separate network - of course this will then lose the seamless roaming benefits etc from a single "mesh" network.


They are powered via a separate PSU with a DC jack and do not support POE unfortunately.

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