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Wholehome issue I've not experienced before

I've had a 6 disc set up in place for about a year. It's not perfect but generally does the job and I can usually fix any issues easily enough.

Today, the discs are all showing a solid blue light, they all show in the app with a correct path connecting them but are providing no internet connection.

If I go back to the main disc and router I pick up connection again. My Internet supply is fine (verified by excluding wholehome altogether) it seems to have almost halved its range.

I've tried powering everything down, rebooting the network, rebooting the router. Turning on the discs one by one and waiting for a solid connection before doing the next one. Firmware is uptodate.

I'm out of ideas, what can I try next please?

Has anyone else experienced this sort of issue?

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Re: Wholehome issue I've not experienced before

Hi @Fermanagh_Red , strange one; it sounds like you tried a lot already.

Have you checked if it is all your devices that lose connection, or just a few or just one?

Can you please tell us so we see what other things you could try. Thanks.


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Re: Wholehome issue I've not experienced before

Hi Bruno, thanks for replying

It wasnt specific to certain devices.

Ive now sorted it (fingers crossed) thanks to some excellent help from the support line. Im still very frustrated about the 4-5 hours ive wasted having to fix a problem that there is no apparent reason for. Even the fix itself took nearly an hour although next time ill ring support before wasting time myself.

Here is the solution I got, the disc number refers to the order it went in with 6 being the last.

I had to switch off all the discs apart from the 6th one, then do a factory reset on it, wait for the lights to settle on solid red then switch it off.

Then on discs 5 through to 2 I had to switch them on, wait for a solid red light, do a factory reset, wait for another solid red light then switch it off.

Once that was done I was left with my initial disc 1. I turned it on, waited for the solid blue light (as this one is plugged into the router) then did a factory reset and waited for solid blue again. Then I opened the app, and went through the initial set up procedure. It found disc 2 and connected well, but then I had to bring all the other discs back to the router and connect via ethernet to share the wifi settings.

I finished about half hour ago and its been solid since then. I was told it had to be done in this very specific way to prevent old wifi data essentially confusing the network (I think he was simplifying that for moy benefit) I have a few questions..

Is there anything I can do manually from time to time to prevent this happening? I assumed he was talking about something similar to clearing a cache on your pc?

Whenever I have had to reboot a disc, sometimes I would use the button, sometimes the plug switch depending on location. Could this have been a factor and is there any reason not to do it this way?




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