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Why Can I not get BT Infinity??

Just read in our Local paper that BT has upgraded us to faster broadband does that mean then that we should be able to get BT infinity? When ever I go online and check it says not in current roll out plans.


My cabinet is in Bishops Cleeve in Cheltenham

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Re: Why Can I not get BT Infinity??

It is most likely that as of yet your local cabinet is either not yet upgraded or possibly not activated yet

all you can do is keep trying the checker as not all cabinets come on line at the same time
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Re: Why Can I not get BT Infinity??

Why would you want it?


Who has had the monolopy on telecommunications for eons?



Has our tiny land mass got internet ready lines across it?



Is there any excuse, not including greed?



Should the whole country have fibre optics, let alone internet ready lines?



Why haven't we/they/'us?



I like their new tv ad with the Spanish girls living in the flat upstairs, they have to go to the room the guys live in to use the internet, anything clicking with anyone as yet?


They should be stripped of everything and the responsibilty should go to a company that has a roll out plan for the entire country for fibre optics, wasting money on tv ads, rubbish infrastructure, it's pathetic.



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Re: Why Can I not get BT Infinity??

BT is a business. Their aim is to make money.

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Re: Why Can I not get BT Infinity??

Just like any other business they are not charities like some people think
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Re: Why Can I not get BT Infinity??



I found myself agreeing with a fair bit of your post -  up until the last sentence which I'm afraiid totally spoiled it.  I don't agree that this forum is aggressively moderated - OK you can't say *bleep* on here but that apples to most forums not just this one !!

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Re: Why Can I not get BT Infinity??

Hi Biffo,

So I was halfway there, or even 80%!


I mean if you say anything bad about the company who provided the forum, more often than not, it will be deleted.


I hope they don't, that will be one thing in their favour, I was prempting it to be fair, we shall see!


Basically I think we need a national campaign to sort this out, I was horrified about 10 years ago to see they had 100mbps connections in Korea, I felt the shame of it, I know BT look at it as what will they earn for thier shareholders out of investment, but for me it's irrelvant, win or lose, we should all have very high speed connections.


As it is now my analogy is, on average, it's still not that much better than a length of string and 2 paper cups, or to be fair again, millions of cups on a length of string.


If you have had the cream of the monopoly, then spend it on the people that provided you with your billions.


I like many others have grown to hate BT, and that is the shame of it all, Great Britain, not really that great more like Little Britain, British Telecommunications, yes they can have that one but only as far as a decent wired phone network, not anything else more advanced than that.


Best thing anyone with gripes or issues with BT is, don't use them, I rent my line off them, which should be free looking at it being there unchanged for millenia, and that's it, you get better speeds and service off the smaller guys, and they deserve it too, if only they could get their hands on taking over all the lines we would be away.



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Re: Why Can I not get BT Infinity??

I have read - I think I read it here - that Ofcom or somesuch body prevented BT laying fibre years ago, apparently so that they didn't further strengthen their monopoly position  ( ?? by gaining an advantage over Virgin ?? )   A lot of good that did, if it's true !