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Why Have I Not Got Infinity?

I live in Hatton, Derbyshire and i am confused why we have not got it yet.


My connection at best is 1mb even though i am only 1 mile away from exchange and only 3000 residents.


the thing that is confusing me is foston (500 yards away), church broughton (2 miles away), etwall (3 miles away), micklover (4 miles away) which are all around us.


We are in the middle of all these yet they all have it.


Foston has only 300 residents and is only 500 yards away from us yet they have it.


its like a circle and everyone has it in the circle but for the middle of the circle which is Hatton.

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Re: Why Have I Not Got Infinity?



As nobody else has replied to you I will. Currently you appear to be connected to Tutbury exchange which has not been upgraded. Etwall and Micleovere are served by other exchanges that have but interestingly Church Broughton and Foston are apparently served by Sudbury exchange which has also not been done.


BT Openreach have announced around half of the programme so plenty of time for your exchange to be done but neither Tutbury or Sudbury are currently in the programme. You can check exchanges etc on the site which has a useful exchange mapping facility. BT lists of exchanges are at and be patient as they announce exchages in batches around 9 months before the due dates.


Being connected to a upgraded exchange is half the story as BT Openreach typically upgrade around  50 to 80% of street cabinets on each exchange so it is still a lottery. They are upgrading 80% of lines in total so you can be in the 20%. 


Your village is about a mile from Tutbury exchange so even on ADSL you should be getting approx 8Mb/s (approx 1MB/s) not sure what you mean by 1mb but if you are getting only 1Mb/s then something is wrong and that needs investigation.

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