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Why am I banded?

I had Infinity 2 installed last March and all went well for the first 9 months, getting expected speeds  (My maximum data rate was 40 or 41, my usual synch speed was about 38)   We were away for Christmas and New Year and I did notice that new firmware was installed during that time, which may be coincidental, but we have been banded ever since.  At first we were banded at 19.  After discussing this on the chatline, they sent out an engineer. He said everything was fine with the line and the wiring in the house but he couldn't get it to synch faster than about 17.


Eventually he did something (wish I had quizzed him properly about what specifically, but it was either at cab or exchange level and he said it wasn't a change, more of a "switch it off and switch it bach on again")  This brought the speed back to normal.  Sadly it didn't last. A short while later we were stuck on 24.


I have resisted restarts for fear of making the situation worse but having waited weeks with no change, I'm frustrated with it.




3. Firmware version: v0.07.05.0A13-BT (Type B) Last updated 6/12/2015

4. Board version: 01

5. VDSL uptime: 11 days, 00:31:30

6. Data Rate: 13396 / 24999

7. Maximum Data Rate: 13239 / 39535

8. Noise Margin: 6.0 / 9.9

9. Line Attenuation: 29.0 / 21.9

10. Signal Attenuation: 0.0 / 0.0





Hopefully someone can advise on my next step?

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Re: Why am I banded?

your connection time is on 11 days not weeks so has router dropped connection rather than manual reset?  getting out banding need engineer visit but needs to be for a fault not just a banding problem.


with your estimated speed I would suggest you downgrade to infinity 1 with new package of 55/10mb and get same down speed as you had but you would drop up speed to 10mb but you would save money  phone options team on 0800800030


try quiet line test  dial 17070 option 2  should be quiet and best with corded phone

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Re: Why am I banded?

hi same here read my post today..i was getting 36mb for 11 months..i re contacted now i get 27mb sometimes as low as 17mb  i had to call bt over 50 times...finally there sending a engineer this week

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Re: Why am I banded?

The only thing that I notice in the logs are quite a lot of these - not done by me. Sometimes I havent even been in the UK on the button press date..


16:35:48, 30 Apr.Restart Button Press
11:17:01, 26 Apr.Restart Button Press
11:16:43, 26 Apr.Restart Button Release
11:16:40, 26 Apr.Restart Button Press
12:34:59, 21 Apr.WPS Button Release
12:34:59, 21 Apr.WPS Button Press
12:34:59, 21 Apr.Restart Button Press
12:34:52, 21 Apr.Restart Button Release
12:34:52, 21 Apr.Restart Button Press
10:48:16, 21 Mar.Restart Button Release
10:48:15, 21 Mar.Restart Button Press
10:42:24, 21 Mar.WPS Button Release
10:42:24, 21 Mar.WPS Button Press
06:51:48, 10 May.Restart Button Release
06:51:47, 10 May.Restart Button Press
17:57:34, 05 May.WPS Button Release
17:57:34, 05 May.WPS Button Press
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