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Re: Why am I repeatedly having to re-join BT Fon?

I don't really know why yours isn't working.


The way the system normally does it is as follows:


You register as a FON/OZ customer (opt in)

Your hub SN is added to a database list

The list is autoran (every night I think) and a signal is sent out that flags your hub as a hotspot


Normally if there are problems, it's an issue with the hub or the system seeing the hub. I know that this can occur if the customer has ever changed their hub or been sent a new one. The system that BT uses to opt in/out generally has the serial number of the first hub that was sent out. If the hub is changed, it normally auto-updates, but there are cases where it has to be manually done.


Can you remember ever being sent a new hub or a time when you picked up a replacement hub?

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Re: Why am I repeatedly having to re-join BT Fon?

Thanks for that.  The Hub is my original, supplied and installed May 2010.  Since re-opting in, again, just before my original post, my own connection listing has never shown my own BTFon - but I have just checked and I am still 'opted in'.

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Re: Why am I repeatedly having to re-join BT Fon?

Me too - you are not alone.


  It seems that I have to register for Fon every couple of weeks, then wait the 2 or 3 days for it to go live before being able to use Fon. I've just downloaded the update to the iPhone app and it doesn't work.  I've re-registered for Fon to see if this makes a difference.  The whole process doesn't make sense it would be helpful if someone from BT could explain;  if I have to re-register every couple of weeks, pain that it is, it would be nice to know so that I can set myself a calendar reminder.



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Repeatedly having to re-join BT Fon

I know ther are similar postings about this but I have yet to see a satisfactory resolution so...


Why do I have to repeatedly re-join BT Fon - my BT Router tells me I am not a member every time I log in? And yes: I have ticked and acknowledged every sign-up requirement in sight... 



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