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Re: Nokia 6.1 (2018) Android Updates


Just saw this post on another forum regarding same non BT network update of a Nokia 6.1...

'Oddly, I just tried this with an old 3-network SIM that I had in a tablet; it hasn't been used for over a year so has no data left on it, but when I started the phone and went to settings-updates, it had started to download 8.1 without me prompting. So it looks like the telco network is needed for the phone to see an update is pending, but it actually downloads over WiFi. '

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Re: Nokia 6.1 (2018) Android Updates

It's because when your phone checks for updates, it sends to Google what sim card you have in your device. Google has a database of which carriers have cleared which updates. For us, it's EE. Google would have sent EE the update to 8.1, but for whatever reason, EE have not cleared the update to be released to devices yet. Unfortunately everyone I speak to at BT or EE do not understand this, and it's getting really frustrating. There's even loads of evidence of people swapping out sim cards and instantly getting the update, but it gets ignored. It's June and we're still on the Feb update for the Nokia 7 Plus, quite a sad situation.

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Re: Nokia 6.1 (2018) Android Updates

@SeanD @Dean007 Any news please? I don't understand why it's taking so long just to get an answer as to why the updates are being held back and why you are making our devices insecure by keeping us on the Feb security patch. I've been with BT for ages but if you're going to treat Android One devices like this I'm off.

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Re: Nokia 6.1 (2018) Android Updates

Hi @Hawkeye47

Obviosuly I am unable to talk on behalf of @SeanD or BT, but I have continued to discuss the situation with Sean. As it stands the teams within BT have agreed as far as they are aware they are not blocking the updated. Based on the additonal post here, Sean asked them to investigate it further. The last post that Sean posted and still stands is that BT have reached out to Nokia and asked if they can confirm what the issue is. If it comes back as a BT issue then obvisouly then they will have to address it or explain why they will not allow updates, or if not look at what is stopping it. Thats not saying it is or it is not a BT issue, this is them investigating it and unfortuantly they are waiting for Nokia.

So Sean will post when he gets an update as he said in his last post, but can not say when that will given we are waiting for Nokia but we will continue to chase it up. 

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Re: Nokia 6.1 (2018) Android Updates

Thanks Dean.

Well, as far as I'm concerned it's all superficial now anyway.

I have just got rid of my 2 Nokia 6.1 handsets and have gone with another manufacturer.

In addition to this I have contacted Virign Media regarding moving my broadband over to them (they recently installed their network in my street), and I have narrowed down a move to another mobile carrier (NOT Virgin Mobile as they also use the BT / EE network).

Sad state of affairs - I've been a loyal BT customer for 31 years and pay a few pence under £100 every month to them (landline / broadband / mobiles), but that stops now.

I do, however, appreciate your & Sean's help and know it's not your fault - but bottom line is this is not good enough.

Best wishes.

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Re: Nokia 6.1 (2018) Android Updates


Sorry to see you go, but I hope you understand we can only pass on the information given. Sean and his team try hard to resolve issue they are faced with on the community, but when it goes outside of their department they are dependant on what they are told internally and from companies like Nokia.

I agree that its not good enough that either a network or a manufacturer can not resolve it faster, but clearly we can not give answers we just do not have. But for good or for bad, it needs closure for other customers.. so @SeanD will keep the thread updated when he hears back. 

I will be slightly jealous of the speeds you will get from VM!

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Re: Nokia 6.1 (2018) Android Updates

@SeanD Any update? It's been weeks... Still on the Feb patch here.

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Re: Nokia 6.1 (2018) Android Updates


Last week when I messaged @SeanD, he had not recieved any updates. I think its fair to say, unless Nokia respond the official line will stand that BT do not block updates. Thats not to say he will not keep trying to get a response or the observations posted are not valid, but if the BT Product Team say they are not blocking updates it will be hard for Sean to against that im afraid. 

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Re: Nokia 6.1 (2018) Android Updates

O2 customers are now getting the June security patch @Dean007 @SeanD. It's amazing the line from BT support is still "we're not blocking updates"...

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Re: Nokia 6.1 (2018) Android Updates


I totally appreciate your comments, but I'm not sure what either @SeanD or myself can say that has not already been said. They have reached out to Nokia and Sean has explained that he will comment as and when he hears something back. That may not be as helpful as you would of liked but there are limitations of what can be done until they respond.

For his part he has continued to send the addiitional information posted to the teams who deal with it, and I have continued to chase it up.

By all means continue to post any additonal information so that it can be passed on.

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