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Why are you holding back the Android updates for the Nokia 7 plus?

My Nokia 7 Plus is still on 8.0 (Feb) version, other Nokia 7 Plus on different networks are already on 8.1 and May security update. I realise it might be EE's fault, but why block the updates for so long? It's a real sticking point and will cause people to change network if you interfere with Android One updates like this.

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Nokia 6.1 (2018) Android Updates


I recently bought 2 Nokia 6.1 mobile phones on release day in the UK.

The phone is part of the Android One setup which means it should get o/s updates & security updates fairly quickly.

However, I noticed both phones were still showing 1st February 2018 as the most up-to-date security patch, even though newer ones have been released. With this in mind I posted a query on the Nokia Community forums only to find out that other BT / EE users were having same issue.

Turns out if they put another sim into the phone temporalily (eg Vodafone) all updates come alive.

It appears that BT / EE are somehow blocking updates to the Nokia 6.1 phone, and I need to know why?


Many thanks.

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Re: Nokia 6.1 (2018) Android Updates

Hi @Shwing

I've not heard of anyone having the same issue, but your best bet would be to raise this with the mobile chat team who can either answer your question or pass it back to the product teams. The only reason I could think of, is that the latest updates would impact the service to BT/EE customers in someway.. 

BT Mobile Chat Team

If they are not able to help, pop back and we can see if anyone else has any ideas..


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Re: Nokia 6.1 (2018) Android Updates

Many thanks Dean.

I will certainly raise this with the mobile chat teamteam.

To say I'm disappointed with BT Mobile would be an understatement. What good reason would any operator have for blocking basic security patches?

The fact that numerous people I know have tested the whole update process with a variety of sim cards / operators all of which worked EXCEPT the BT based ones is a disgrace.


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Re: Nokia 6.1 (2018) Android Updates

HI @Shwing

I can understand your dissapointment, however in fairness to BT Mobile we do not know the reason for the block of the update. I have sent a few messages myself to see if there is a block on the patch to BT mobiles. It could well be that the patch doesnt have any updates for the BT/EE network or it may cause issues with it working correctly. I will post back if I hear anything, but as you can see on BT Mobile boards you are the only person I have seem reporting this at the moment so I am not sure if this is a single issue or more widespread but not had others reporting.


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Re: Nokia 6.1 (2018) Android Updates

Thanks again Dean.

Regarding people talking about this issue, if you head over to Nokia's community forums or even EE's you will find people talking about the problem.

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Re: Nokia 6.1 (2018) Android Updates

Hi @Shwing

I have messaged a few people to see if I can find anything out. Without me sounding rude, As it’s a BT forum, I can’t really comment on other websites or for EE. But I do appreciate what your saying..

That said, if they are or have blocked a security update you would like to think they can explain why. It may take a few days with it being the weekend, if they get back to me. 

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Re: Why are you holding back the Android updates for the Nokia 7 plus?

Hi @Hawkeye47

There is already a thread asking about Nokia security updates. As I have mentioned in that thread I’ve reached out to various people to try and find out what is happening, if they are stopping updates and if so why. 

I would suggest that as well as posting here that you contact the mobile chat team as they pass the details of calls back to the product teams within BT. 

If and when I find anything out I will post back 

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Re: Why are you holding back the Android updates for the Nokia 7 plus?

Thanks Dean, will give them a chat, do report back if you hear anything.
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Re: Why are you holding back the Android updates for the Nokia 7 plus?

Tried live chat and they were absolutely hopeless. Please report back if you hear anything, the main reason I got this device was for fast and frequent updates, but if BT are going to get in the way of that I'm going to change network.

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