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Re: Nokia 6.1 (2018) Android Updates


Just do what I did Hawkeye, vote with your feet and walk away from BT!


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Re: Nokia 6.1 (2018) Android Updates

I think the frustrating thing here Dean is the fact that BT continue the line that it's nothing from their side that is causing the problem. The evidence doesn't lie! Every BT based carrier is in the same boat... no updates, whereas EVERY non BT based carrier fires out any updates as soon as they become available.
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Re: Nokia 6.1 (2018) Android Updates


I can assure you that your frustration are shared by myself and @SeanD, and we do not disagree with the points you have raised but are not conclusive.

First of all just to correct a comment in your post "every EE based carrier "not BT! They maybe owned by the same company but they are run as two speperate companies just like RBS and Natwest or VW and Audi. 

But, you also have to understand their are limitations of the people who are trying to help. BT Mobile is an MVNO, the issue may be with EE, it maybe with BT Mobile and they are unaware of it, it maybe with Nokia's patch. Sean asked the product teams and I asked people in various departments about this issue and we both seperatly got the same reply. I have spent time looking on EE's community and Virgin and whilst I can see post there are not huge amounts it tends to be the same people posting. So then you ask is the problem related to all Nokia handsets, All variations of previous firmware or is it a sim issue, and if it is a sim issue is this at EE level that has not been passed down? None of which we know the answers to, Sean asked the product team again with the additional information you have posted, and it has been passed to Nokia. That is the limit in which I think Sean maybe able to go.

Sean is a BT employee, and if the product teams have give him an answer thats what he has to go by until they say otherwise. It may turn out as they investigate it that it is or is not a BT Mobile issue, but regardless of how things look if you want an instant reply thats the one you will get at this moment in time.

Again furstrations are shared, but we are now somewhat limited until Nokia respond or Sean gets an update from the product teams. You have the choice of waiting to see if things change or Sean gets feedback but there is no timescale, or contact the mobile chat team about looking at the options that are open to you about leaving the network if you want the security patch now and it works on other networks. Nobody wants anyone to leave the network but its an option if you do not want to wait. 

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Re: Nokia 6.1 (2018) Android Updates

Hi @Dean007

If we are unhappy with the network blocking crucial security updates to our devices, do we have the option to leave BT mid contract?

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Re: Nokia 6.1 (2018) Android Updates

Hi @Hawkeye47

Clearly I can not speak for BT, I think it something you need to discuss with Mobile Chat Team, I do not think it would be an unreasoanble request considering BT can not currently give a resolution in a reasonable timescale.

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Re: Nokia 6.1 (2018) Android Updates

@Dean007 Still waiting. What a joke.

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Re: Nokia 6.1 (2018) Android Updates

Hi @Hawkeye47,

I am so sorry that I have not been back to update you.  Regretably I have not made any progress in getting an answer as to why you have not yet received the February security patch on your Nokia phone.  I completely appreciate that this isn't good enough and will only add to your frustration.

I have been in discussion with our mobile team and we are confident that BT have not blocked any update to your device.  The question remains, has this been delayed on EE's network? and that is the question I cant answer.  I am sorry.

Sorcha over at EE community has recently written a blog highlighting the process of how EE deals with new software updates from manufacturers.  While this doesn't answer your question it explains where or why a delay is possible.  Unfortunately I am not privy to the workings of EE's interaction with manufacturers which is why I cant answer your question.

 I will continue to try and get an explanation for you and if I do I will get back to you, but for the moment I just cant explain why you have not received the security patch from Nokia Smiley Sad



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Re: Nokia 6.1 (2018) Android Updates

As I've said countless times, it's EE's fault the upgrade to 8.1 is being held back. As a BT customer, I need to talk to you. As BT now own EE, I would have thought we'd get some information. Nevermind, I'll change network.

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