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Re: Why are BT so useless

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It may be no surprise that yesterday's promises have not been fulfilled. No call back and no number change.

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Re: Why are BT so useless

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Well it seems I owe a debt of thanks to the moderators on this forum. After some weeks of frustration they have managed to resolve our problem. It is a shame that the customer service team weren't able to solve the problem themselves. At least I know what to do should anything like this happen again.


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Re: Why are BT so useless

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Hi Guys


This post is the same problem i'm having with BT which is a big company with so many failings and let downs

for so many of it's most loyal customers.

My family have been very loyal to BT for in access of over 35 years and for the last 13 years i have taken over

the running of the account.

On the of 5th July 2010 i rang BT about my bill and asked why my broadband was still the same after being offered a reduction of £7.50, i was again offered a reduction of £7.50 off my broadband to commence from the

6th July but did not receive any refund for May and June.

Because of this i asked for something in writing to comfirm my order for my reduction in my broadband and on

the 6th July 2010 i received an email to comfirm my order for a reduction of £7.50 off my broadband.


Having received my bill on 1st October 2010 i was amazed to find again no reduction was made to my bill for

my broadband and again rang BT to find out why, i received an apology from the lady on the phone and she

said she would credit my account with the overpayment and make sure my Broadband was reduced so that

was that.

But having rang BT to check my account on 10th November nothing again has been done about my bill and i

am still paying £22.99 instead of the promise payment od £15.49 i'm flaming about this now.

On Monday 15th November BT should have received a letter of complaint from along me with the email of

comfirmation of the 6th July 2010 comfirming my order for the reduction, so far i've had no reply from them.

On 12th November 2010 i was contacted once again by BT offering me a reduction of £7.50 of my broadband,

so what is going on with BT why can they not get it right for once, i'm one angry  BT customer.

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Re: Why are BT so useless

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Hi Rainsberger,

Welcome to the forum.

Sounds like we need to take a look at your account and check what's going on. If you can send in your details via email with your forum username and BT account details to the email address registered against my profile I'll see what's going on.


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Re: Why are BT so useless

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Hi All,


It looks like BT having so many call centres don’t know how to manage customer’s accounts.


I’ve been trying to fix problem with my account since August 2010 and I’ve enough 😕

Many calls to BT and  nothing has been sorted, it’s even worst call by call.


So here is my problem.

In August 2010 I’ve order and paid line rental up front £113 for the whole year to have Saver Line Rental.

A week later line was still dead. Called BT to be said there was a problem and it’ll be active in 5days.

At the same time that person instead of just updated current account about that details She created completely new account 😕

and problems started.


I’ve been told I need to pay again £113 to have Saver Line Rental on new account. I’ve done this and been told that £113 from first account will be refunded.

At the same time new bill arrived for about £ 42. I’ve been really shocked as I’ve paid already for the whole year.

BT refunded about £71  keeping for them self £42, guess why... to cover the bill 😕

That £71 should be refunded from first account but later I’ve be told it’s been refunded from second account, not sure if it’s true or not.


Then someone refunded £113 from second account telling me that will be from first account and that the first account is going to be closed.

I’ve told that person that I’ve been already refunded £71 from first account so how he can still refund me £113. But I was assured that he know what he is doing etc. Obviously he didn’t and messed up everything even more 😕


Shortly after that I spoke to nice lady from UK department and she said she can’t fix everything at the same time but she will forward that problem to manger and all will be sorted.


Few weeks later I’ve find out that situation is still the same. I’ve really enough. In few days probably new bill will arrive and I’ll be charged full amount and chose BT only because I wanted Saver Line Rental.

It so simple to sort it. Just close the first account, refund £113 from it and all done but no, BT likes to make everything   so complicated 😕


I’m not going to call CS anymore as every call makes everything even worse. I’ve spent hours on the phone with them since August, every time being told that all will be sorted.

I’ve enough!

Thank you BT for making me stressed. 😕



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Re: Why are BT so useless

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Sorry i did not introduce myself to the forum as you would gather i have been flaming with BT about
my reduction problems and over looked it.
Today, may be some good news following my letter of complaint to BT, this afternoon i have been
contacted by BT to discuss my letter of complaint which has resulted in them applying the reduction
from 12th November and backdating it 3 months.
I have accepted this offer now from Bt but will have to wait until my next bill date of January 1st 2011
to make sure everything is applied to my account.
Thank for your interest in my problem, i do not want to pursue it any further at this time.
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Re: Why are BT so useless

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i am also having a nightmare with BT I have been an ex customer now for over 2 years, and have just started to recieve harrassing and threatening letters from a debt collection agency alleging I owe BT £350 ! They do not say what for or for when it relates to. After 8 years of being with BT who were a nightmare at the time I transfered all my service to sky, quite happily they did this and all my bills were settled and my contract had ended, as I was unwilling to renew at the extoritional increases they wanted I remember that I was told the contract was definately up.. and if I cancelled I wouldnt owe any further than I had already paid via direct debit.  I hear no more for over 2 years until this unscrupulous amateur agency contact me sometimes 4 letters a week I get despite me requesting what it is for.  I was shouted and and insulted by their staff when I rang and asked them to stop as I am in the middle of my exams for a law degree.  I have gone down the written route asking for proof, and written and emailed bt, after trying to get through twice to the customer help line and being cut off.. I am at my wits end, I do not owe anything and the **bleep** service I recieved from BT years ago was paid up to date.. How can a giant company get away with such bad ethics, obviously breaching the law.  I intend to take this as far as possible as soon as my exams finish next week but in the mean time I have had now 7 letters threatening home visits and 9 calls since I rang the company and left my number for the supervisior to call re my complaint.  BT need to seriously think how their underhanded actions will affect an old vulnerable lady if they had recieved these threatening calls.  I am a mature law student and its affected me, so it would force some older person to pay up even if they didnt owe the debt as I dispute I do.  The agency are a joke, they say without me having proof that I had a reciept for all the bills for when I was with BT (7 or 8 years!) I cannot stop them from this. Rubbish they have been reported to everyone necessary and I will be taking further action for harrassment, ultimately BT are hiding behind the agency and are the puppet masters and believe me they are next in my line of target they will not get away with this, and you only have to google bt and this agency to see there are tons of complaints about them very similar in nature for debts allegedly owed from years ago, probably stating breach of contract as is probably what they are hiding behind with my complaint.

I cant wait to qualify as a solicitor next year, and companies like BT are going to be the biggest consumer target of mine, you need to be stopped its unacceptable to demand a so called debt in this way without proof and years after with no contact beforehand..

Get your act together BT and start complying with the law and stop acting illegally.

My advice to anyone in a similar situation first send a recorded letter to BT and the debt agency if its the same one I have its not worth ringing they are unprofessional and will shout at you to say you shouldnt owe the debt etc. Complain that you do not owe the debt and all action should be put on hold whilst they provide proof the onus is on THEM not you to provide years of old bills


Secondly stop worrying, they cannot do what they claim they can, ie home visits to collect the money this is bullying and is against the law

thirdly write on forums and complain to any ombusmen etc also the fsa can stop this behaviour from the companies concerned.  Be tough and stand up to them, no wonder all the fat cats of BT are wallowing in money, this is how they get it! no better than unscrupulous back street debt collectors in my eye

I will be posting full details along with all relevant complaints numbers on the net next week when I launch a full scale complaint in the media about BT and this company so watch this space although I suspect it willbe removed

for the BT staff here maybe this will get a response.



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Re: Why can't BT sort out a complaint properly

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Although my experience with BT has been fine, I do know family and friends who have had trouble in one way or another. There is a BT complaints blog where you can submit and read other complaints which may help your problem get resolved. It is
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Re: Why can't BT sort out a complaint properly

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I would like to say, well done BT you sorted my problem straight away. But like everyone else here I can't! It has taken over a week of calls, emails and waiting to be contacted back to sort out a simple problem. When I received a letter claiming I had been given too much discount and owed £70 arrived, I checked the email outlining my package and rang CS. I explained that a mistake had been made and I had an email to support my claim, I was asked to forward email and all would be well. Some hope, had reply totally ignoring email I had provided and claiming £70 would be taken. Have just finished call to latest advisor and without providing any additional information finally had charges removed by pointing out email was a contract and BT would be in breach if charged £70. A quick hold and talk to manager and no charge, why couldnt this have been done by the first person I spoke to, I am sure this week has done my blood presure no good. Then just confirmed that contract is up on 1st July and unless they can provide a good deal and stick to it I am off!

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Re: Why can't BT sort out a complaint properly

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Such a shame!

I really rate BT for service usually but this latest problem has shaken my confidence, I feel like I will have to look elsewhere for a provider.

Twice now when I have phoned and waited and got through to an advisor they have said that the problem had been sorted and that the refund would show on my next bill. Twice now I have waited for the next bill and found that there was no change.

I transferred to BT from plusnet for my phone line and broadband package because I saw their 'winter warmer' deal online. The first advisor I spoke to was great, really helpful and we had talked through all the legal stuff and got to the point of 'sealing the deal' when the line went dead! I phoned back straightaway and, slightly frustrated, went through the process again. I'll admit I probably wasn't paying as much attention but I assumed that the details would be the same as discussed earlier.

The first I noticed was that I didn't receive the new hub as promised -no big deal as the old hub still works(ish). Then I checked the bill online and saw that I had been charged for that month even though the deal was for four free months.

I called BT and the advisor was very helpful and said that they would listen to the original calls and then phone me back.


Except ... they never did call me back.

So, the following week I called again and stayed on the line this time whilst the advisor listened to my calls. This time they agreed that the first advisor had been halfway through signing me up to the deal when we were cut off and that the deal should still stand. I was promised a refund for the last month and the next three would be free.


Except ... the next month, when I checked my bill I hadn't been refunded and I was still being charged and the hub hadn't arrived.

So I phoned again.

This time the advisor was even more helpful and after going through it again said that he had fixed it, I would be sent a new hub and the monthly charges would be refunded, this would show on April's statement.


Except ... I haven't received the hub, three weeks later and I am still being billed!

Please could someone tell me what I am doing wrong!?

I would love to stay with BT, but I think I may have to go elsewhere and encourage my friends to do likewise.



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